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  • Informative Speech About Colombia

    COMMUNICATIONS 230 OUTLINE HEADING STUDENT 'S NAME: Wale Akinbobola SPEECH #2 TOPIC: Colombia GENERAL PURPOSE: To inform SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform the audience about Colombia and how it’s history has strongly affected the development. CENTRAL IDEA: The Colombian society has been plagued by its history of drug, violence, and corruption, although it is a beautiful country with many cultures, they sometimes can be overshadowed by this history. SUPPORTING MATERIALS 1. Testimony: Medellin has developed from the days of Pablo Escobar, it’s a new city. Source: Wulfhart, N. Wulfhart, Nell. '36 Hours In Medellín, Colombia '. N. p., 2015. Web. 23 Sept. 2015. 2. Comparison: Colombia is the fourth largest country in South…

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  • Armed Conflict In Colombia

    Issue & Objective The United States primary policy issue with the Colombia is the worrying high percentages of the drug traffic and production smuggled to the U.S through the past years; as a consequence of, the Colombia status as the world’s principal cocaine-production nation. During 2000 and 2010, drug users in the United States spend on the order of $100 billion annually on cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine, but in 2000, much more money was spent on cocaine than marijuana; in…

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  • Case Study Of Colombia

    1. The events of history have proved to be a benchmark for Colombia and its forward progress to prosper in a world that is in constant change. The economy and resources that make the country of Colombia sustainability will continue to grow for future economic gains and production of the country’s viable rich resources for the means of exports for other countries throughout the world. The country of Colombia’s political and social relations outreach has made progress towards a foundation of…

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  • Cocaine Trade: Medellin, Colombia

    Due to its status as the focal point of the cocaine trade, Medellin, Colombia, was dubbed the “most dangerous city on Earth” by TIME magazine at the height of the cartel’s power. It bore the highest homicide rate and was plagued by civil conflict, which set the stage for illicit drug trafficking to occur. Presently, it ranks as the 49th most dangerous city, and it is speculated by both the DEA and Colombian National police that more than 300 drug smuggling organizations are active within…

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  • The Effects Of Peace Reform In Colombia

    people for over five decades. After years of negotiations, the Colombian government has reached an agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia or otherwise known as FARC. In the agreement, the FARC promises to disarm and join the political system, in return for forgiveness and amnesty for human right abusers. In October, the citizens of Colombia had an opportunity to embrace the potential of their nation and revitalize their country. Despite the fact that the peace reform offered…

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  • Plan Colombia Case Study

    Finally, the economy is one of the most influential geo-cultural structures that has been used by regional and international agents in Plan Colombia. Nothing has influenced the trade of narcotics more than this structure, as it is through the economy that the supply and demand for narcotics is maintained. As long as there continues to be a demand for narcotics such as cocaine, drug traffickers will be kept in business. They are aided by the economy at all times. The FARC also operates using…

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  • Judicial System Reform In Colombia

    institutions that needs to be reformed and it is the judicial system Judicial System Reform. When looking into the judicial system of Colombia one can see that it is underfunded especially when compared to the military. In Plan Colombia that the Clinton administration gave to the Republic of Colombia it was supposed to put some of the money towards the Judicial System and it did but not enough. There are many different types of courts in Colombia and there are some international agencies in…

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  • Cocaine In Colombia Case Study

    The strong presence of cocaine in Colombia dates back to the 1970s when participants in the industry started seeing the potentially enormous profits to be made with the drug. Within the next couple of years, the trafficking of the drug became highly profitable and was predominantly controlled by the Cartels. These cartel leaders, and other groups that profited from the cocaine industry like the Revolution Armed Forces of Colombia – Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionnarias de Colombia (FARC), were able…

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  • The FARC: The Revolutionary Armed Forces Of Colombia

    because we are already in that war." - Jorge Enrique Mora, former commander of Colombian military. 2014 marks the 50th year that the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) was founded in the rural farmland of Colombia. Citing the inequalities of globalization and corrupting effects of foreign investment, the FARC grew from a grassroots socialist movement into the most powerful guerilla organization in Latin America. The rise to power was wrought with brutality, fear, and illegal drugs.…

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  • Starbucks In Colombia Case Study

    Globalization is pushing organizations to be more competitive and is forcing them to be highly innovative, creative, and prompting them to be more proactive, visionary, with a better strategic plan and mechanisms that can make them more productive and unique. This paper would try to identify (a) market and non-market strategies that Starbucks has used in Colombia since 2014, and (b) market and non-market strategies of the domestic competing Colombian brand, Juan Valdez (a national symbol), who…

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