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  • Colombia Essay

    hundres of years, Colombia has seen a great deal of occurences of ligitimate and illicit financial resettlement and with displaced people entering the nation. Even though United States is the country with the largest amount of refugees in the world, Colombia is still considered the country with the largest amount in Latin America. The large amoutn of refugees have mostly been due to forced displacement due to violence created by guerrillas, paramilitary groups and the colombian security forced. Along with the title of being one of the countries in the world with the largest amount of refugees, Colombia has also known to be the country with the worlds largest number forved disapperances. On the other hand Colombia has experienced…

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  • Merengue Colombia

    Cumbia being probably the most well known dance there is in Colombia it’s no surprise is filled with wonder as how it’s done and the reputation it has. Cumbia is known as the main folk style of dance and symbolizes colombian nationality. Cumbia being so popular it has made it spread to other countries and has made it for other new cumbias to emerge such as in peru, mexico, argentina, etc. however Colombia being the founder. Cumbia originated first from a fusion between native colombians and…

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  • Narcotics In Colombia

    Finally, the economy is one of the most influential geo-cultural structures that has been used by regional and international agents in Plan Colombia. Nothing has influenced the trade of narcotics more than this structure, as it is through the economy that the supply and demand for narcotics is maintained. As long as there continues to be a demand for narcotics such as cocaine, drug traffickers will be kept in business. They are aided by the economy at all times. The FARC also operates using…

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  • Cocaine In Colombia

    The strong presence of cocaine in Colombia dates back to the 1970s when participants in the industry started seeing the potentially enormous profits to be made with the drug. Within the next couple of years, the trafficking of the drug became highly profitable and was predominantly controlled by the Cartels. These cartel leaders, and other groups that profited from the cocaine industry like the Revolution Armed Forces of Colombia – Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionnarias de Colombia (FARC), were able…

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  • Guerilla Groups In Colombia

    Colombia for the last five decades has gone through the struggles caused by the actions of several guerrilla groups in its country. Outside countries have defined the guerrilla groups of Colombia as terrorist groups due to the actions the group has taken throughout its existence. The largest guerilla group in Colombia, also the oldest group is FARC. This group has a long violent history in Colombia, involving it in both domestic and narco-terrorism. The guerilla group FARC has impacted Colombia…

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  • The Importance Of Migration To Colombia

    successful were scarce. Knowing that staying in an environment that did not allow for any growth was not a good option, they decided to leave. As many individuals of Asian descent, my parents immigrated to the west. The country they saw an opportunity in was Colombia. Now, Colombia is not a developed…

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  • Colombia Civil War

    There is a civil war that has been raging since 1964 in Colombia, being fought between the Colombian government and their rebel groups, costing the Colombian people their homes, lives, families, embedding fear into the people, giving the people uncertainty and little hope. There has been riots, talks of peace, but also rejection of the peace, and the people of Colombia are being misinformed of the civil war that is raging right outside their doors. Firstly, Alvaro Uribe, was the president of…

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  • Drug Trade In Colombia

    than anything, as Colombia is one of the most unequal countries in terms of financial stability. The government wants to make programs would care for the neglected citizens that have been affected by he drug trade. The plan was to solve the drug problem domestically, so that it could have a impact on a global scale. If the amount of drugs being processed in Colombia were decreased it would help to lessen the amount that is being smuggled into the Western countries and Europe. The demand for…

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  • Coffee In Colombia

    I selected to write about topic #1 "Coffee is King". At the very foundation of Colombia, there lies coffee. Coffee has been deeply ingrained within the history, economy, culture and social structure of Colombia; it 's no wonder that it is referred to as “king”. The objective of this essay, is to explore how coffee has had a direct impact on the development of Colombia, and how it continues to affect it today. Colombia is located in South America. To the east, are its neighbors Brazil and…

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  • Colombia Social Issues

    Introduction Colombia is a country situated in the northwestern part of South America. It is a republic sharing borders with Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru (World Factbook, 2015). Colombia is a diverse country in terms of ethnicity, linguistic differences and geographic features. Colombia has a history of armed conflict since the 19th century which has caused a severe damage to the country in every prospect. However, the armed conflicts had decreased drastically since the government…

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