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  • Bedouin Smuggling Case Study

    important security question to note is the Bedouin smuggling activities along the Sinai border with Egypt. Though their movement in Israel is restricted by checkpoints and ID card checks are regular the smuggling business across the Sinai border is extensive. This is because of many factors, the biggest being Bedouin culture. Historically the Bedouin have never respected state borders, they did not believe the borders applied to them. Since the early 1900s, when the borders of states in the region drastically changed, the Bedouin have taken advantage of this uncertainty by smuggling. They are known for their excellent tracking ability, service for Bedouin in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is not mandatory, though many volunteer. The Bedouin are known for their outstanding service, mostly in the special tracking units. But these tracking abilities also make them very capable smugglers (Gleis 1). Also, the border of the Sinai has split Bedouin tribes and families down the center, this provides automatic, loyal partners in both Israel and Egypt. The most notable tribes involved in the business are the Sawarka and Rumaylat in the Gaza strip and the Tarabin, Ahayw’at, ‘Azazma, Tayaha, and Hanajra in the south (Gleis 1). The best areas to cross the border…

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  • Drug Smuggling Theory

    Rationality in Drug Smuggling Across all crimes committed the main reason behind them is due to the fact that the offender wants to benefit from the crime he/she is about to commit. In rational choice theory it states just that. It states that the offenders are rational people who think about their crime before committing them, they think of the benefits it will bring such as money along with the costs, such as the possibility of getting arrested (Robb, 2017). Through this theory one can apply…

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  • The Effects Of Smuggling In Mercantilism

    collect revenue through imports and export tariffs, and to ban goods, smuggling has been a controversial. Governments oppose smuggling because they lose a significant amount of revenue, they cannot manipulate markets to favor domestic producers, and they cannot prohibit the consumption of goods that they deem immoral. Many citizens see direct benefits from smuggling. It gives citizens access to a larger bundle of goods and it moves the domestic market equilibrium quantity and price closer to…

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  • Human Smuggling Essay

    Routes According to the role of transporters, there are totally three different kinds of route for human smuggling. First, water transportation. It is the most difficult way for transporting. Several factors during the transportation bring risks, for example, the physical conditions, unhygienic conditions and other factors. Physical conditions, like seasick of clients. Unhygienic conditions, like clients vomit with seasick. For the other factors, like the transporters close all the doors of the…

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  • Drug Smuggling In The United States

    When Americans think of the United States southern border they believe its rife with illegal activities primary done by illegal immigrants. In reality most illegal crimes such as drug smuggling are being committed by United State citizens. This information that Americans were mainly transporting drugs over the border was widely unknown to the public particularly when authorities mainstream foreign suspects especially from Mexico. For this reason, it appears the border is not secure and gives a…

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  • Project Geiger Database

    means have been developed to track criminals, money transfer fraud and the like. This has reduced the rate at which people lose their money hence increasing trust in the money transfer service providers. Smugglers Tracking Smuggling, which is defined as the movement of goods or items secretively into or out of a country illegally, is a common problem witnessed globally. An activity amounts to smuggling if the law prohibits. For instance, the federal law disallows the importation of products…

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  • Derek White Targete Case Study

    March 31, 2016 in Montreal, Canada, NASCAR driver Derek White was arrested for claims of being involved in a major tobacco smuggling ring. The police say that the car driver played a key role in the illegal operation that contributed in bringing more than 2000 tons of tobacco from North Carolina into Canada, which also not paying over $530 million dollars in taxes. The Canadian native is also involved with illegal drugs such as cocaine and other vulgar substances. The U.S Drug Enforcement…

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  • Human Trafficking: The Most Deplorable Crime

    Human Trafficking in America alone is a 32 billion dollar a year industry. This evil yet lucrative business catches more and more into a cycle every day. In America, we like to believe people all over the world, regardless of country or government have rights, both moral and state provided. Human Trafficking in America alone is a 32 billion dollar a year industry. This evil yet lucrative business catches more and more into a cycle every day. Unfortunately, this is not the case. People around the…

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  • Drug Trafficking In Libya

    Criminal activity is spilling over our borders and poisoning our society and values. It is imperative this council addresses this issue before the violence and havoc spreads further and is no longer containable. Unfortunately, nations that are politically unstable are particularly susceptible to human traffickers and drug smuggling. Ever since the deterioration of the government’s control of Libya, organized crime has exploded at a rate never seen before in the Middle East. Migrant, drug, and…

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  • Saudi Arabia Research Papers

    Saudi Arabia is making every effort to secure the Southern Boundary against waves of illegal migrants. The weakness of the security controls in Yemen made it passage for immigrants from Yemen, and coming from Africa, particularly Ethiopia. The presence of migrants are a burden on Saudi Arabia. As the weapons smuggling from Yemen to Saudi Arabia imminent danger to its security and society. As for Al-Qaeda is as dangerous as weapons smuggling. Saudi Arabia is suffering of Al-Qaeda activities and…

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