Human Smuggling Essay

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According to the role of transporters, there are totally three different kinds of route for human smuggling.
First, water transportation. It is the most difficult way for transporting. Several factors during the transportation bring risks, for example, the physical conditions, unhygienic conditions and other factors. Physical conditions, like seasick of clients. Unhygienic conditions, like clients vomit with seasick. For the other factors, like the transporters close all the doors of the cargos boxes to prevent self to be detected, this lend the clients had nowhere for the air vent, eventually, it caused them suffocate.
Secondly, land transportation. There are several transports could be used, for example, lorries, vans and public trains.
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Their continuity operations depend on closely packed together to work out the same targets and functions, for example, while a man was arrested for the smuggling operations, his wife would be the person who took over all the duties of her husband. The close relationship is the element that linked them together, especially as a Chinese, guanxi, is extra important, the affection relationships can reinforce the continuity, for example by sharing the family background. This is way, police usually arrested the operators or members involved are in couples or siblings …show more content…
Once they refused, they would be beaten up, or even put in the dead route. Hence, refer to the last point mentioned above, it was impossible for anyone involved the group to drawn out, take the lorry drivers as example, if they wanted to quit, they would be pressured to stay through violence.
Another element that linked them closely is money. As I mentioned in the duties section, treasury of the smuggling group is the organizer. In one of the cases, the arrested smugglers described that they worked on the payroll of the ‘association’ or ‘company’. This indicated that, they ran the smuggling business as like as the company with boss and subordinates.
There are lots of says that the smugglers would apply violence or frightening to the external, towards the clients who are uncooperative or those who not to keep their word on paying the fees. However, it was also found to be applied internally, towards the members assisted in the operations. According to an interview made with minders of the clients. He declared that, if he made a mistake like clients ran off before the fee was paid, he had to bear the responsibility to pay them off, if he was failed to compensate the fees, he would be tortured, or even killed. These are used to show the

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