Border control

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  • Border Control Research Paper

    Introduction “All sovereign nations exercise authority over their borders to prevent prohibited items or merchandise from entering and to ensure compliance with applicable restrictions” (CBP 1999). The objective of border control is to facilitate the free flow of legitimate goods and people across borders while observing and enforcing the rules and regulations of both countries on either side of that border. This complicated endeavour involves numerous challenges for policy makers and governments which has often compelled states to negotiate in advance for certain concessions. Border complexities involve multifaceted trade agreements, government policies, economic considerations, and security concerns, while simultaneously ensuring the American…

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  • Essay On Border Control

    I believe the United States border is in serious trouble. More and more illegal immigrants are sneaking past our so called “secure” borders. The U.S Border Control should be strengthened and laws can be put in effect to make america a safer place to live. American image and identity are being buried, due to our vast diversity. Most importantly immigrants are bringing illegal narcotics on to united states soil,with the fear of foreign terrorist from attacking our great nation. America is…

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  • Health And Globalization Case Study

    After reading this week’s issue brief on health and globalization, answer the following questions in an essay with a minimum of 500 words in length: If the movement of people, food, and manufactured goods can have such a negative impact on public health, should steps be taken to reduce these flows? What other options are there for lowering the spread of global diseases? Steps definitely are taken and have to be taken to reduce the flow of people, food and manufactured goods. Border controls…

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  • Alienated Borderlands

    Additionally, because borders have a distinct historical background, it eventually affects the social, economic, and political realities of the borderland and determines the interaction between the border people. As different interactions happened in the borderlands compare to the other regions in both countries, certain levels of interactions inevitably make distinctions as Martínez (6-9) briefly categorizes the borderlands into four groups, namely: 1. Alienated borderlands In this type of…

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  • Guarding The Golden Door

    Having been attacked on its own soil at Pearl Harbor in 1941, having concluded the World War in 1945, and having witnessed the aftermath of the holocaust, seemed very good reasons for America to add certain restrictions to its borders in reaction to threat. Immigration restrictions put in place just after WWII forced my grandfather and other family members to settle in Sutton, Canada, rather than in the U.S., thus influencing their identity and physically restricting the body from freedom of…

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  • The Importance Of Social Borders

    Modern borders are usually not a space that is reinforced by those on either side. More times than not, the stronger faction is the one who is fortifying and continuing to increase their authority over these borders. This is evident both in physical and societal borders that are encountered everyday. In the world of borders, when the stronger side becomes evident, they have essentially free reign to control this space. Control like this are projected in different situations such as national…

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  • Disposability In Our Society

    Disposability is a very selfish thing that our society welcomes warmly. Our society thinks that if you don 't have good looks, wealth, cool stuff, and other items or qualities that don 't matter in the end. We tend to think of people who are disposable are those that aren 't like us or like others in our community. Society greatly looks at immigrants as disposable people. Many think that this is so because many have come here illegally and haven 't gone through the processes to become legal.…

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  • Analysis Of Magical Realism In Bless Me, Ultima

    Tim Burton, on the other hand, utilized his main character, Edward Bloom, in the movie Big Fish during the 1950s to show how getting passed the one-way thinking and making decisions without fear and rules can open new doors leading to fresh adventures, trials, and relationships, delving into a more significant understanding of oneself and the world around them. These two pieces emphasize different stages of the same theme specifically using the common elements border crossing and hybridity…

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  • Global Sex Trade: Article Analysis

    Speaking of women working in the sex trade, Biemann states in her article, “unless they go out with the customers and provide personal entertainment and sexual services, they will not earn a living”(Biemann 2013, 403). Driven by a need for survival, women around the world are forced into prostitution and can become victims of sex trafficking. While it is morally wrong to use a women for sexual pleasure for money, it is a common way women are brought across borders, in order to make a living…

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  • Film Analysis: The Maid In America

    Stretching out approximately 2000 miles long, the U.S.-Mexico concrete border has its own loopholes where at certain points the security is not tight. This enables people to cross the border without papers. However, this is not to say that those people will not find any difficulties in crossing. A note to remember, the unauthorized border crossing means risking everything it may take because the spots are not considered comfortable to be crossed such as crossing through abandoned tunnel (El…

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