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  • Descriptive Essay: Hacking's Jackson Hole

    I sat in a blackness incomparable to the shadows of home. The twilight had faded, and the fabric walls around me were nothing but a void. Crack. Snap. It must have only been a mere foot from my tent as it circled. Crack. The sounds crept to my feet. Snap. It stopped. There was silence. A brief silence, like the calm before a storm. And that is when I heard it: two powerful beastly inhales. My heart sank. My fears had been correct. It was a four-hundred-pound behemoth of pure strength and terror – a grizzly bear. My family had warned me of these monsters. I had seen it as a joke. “At least if I get mauled by a bear, they’ll have something to write on my tombstone,” I had said mockingly. But in that moment, I had no sense of humor. I was a statue waiting for its next move. Should I make noise? I had read that bears are frightened of humans, but it certainly did not feel that way. If I were to make noise it would either be frightened off…

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  • Snapchat Phenomenon

    Phenomenon that is Snapchat Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are known as the “Holy Trinity” of social media. However, there is a relatively new app that is being talked about and ranked highly among the masses. This app is called Snapchat. “In just a few seconds, [Snapchat] allows you to showcase your love for waffles or make your nostrils part of the Google logo. It’s magical.” (Simcik) Here’s how Snapchat works; you take a picture (there’s even a video option!), add a filter, maybe some text…

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  • The Scorpio Races: An Analysis

    thousand miles away from any sound that a natural horse would make.” Since it’s painfully clear that these creatures are out for blood, wouldn’t it make sense to avoid them at all costs? However, the very existence of a competition where people ride and get mauled by these beings proves that their power can’t be left alone. It’s simply human nature to be tempted by the possibility of possessing more power than others. It’s already disturbing enough that the people of Thisby create a whole event…

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  • Analysis Of The Visit By Friedrich Durrenmatt

    Respected writer, Friedrich Durrenmatt, in his play The Visit, shows how power and wealth affects all aspects of life. Durrenmatt 's purpose is to raise the question of whether it is possible and morally right to buy justice, and if murder and personal revenge can constitute this justice and also the difference between what is justice and what is revenge. The purpose of The Visit is to also elucidate and shine light on the corruption of justice by wealth. In this play, Durrenmatt produces a…

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  • Snap Advantages

    Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) acts as America’s safety net and is the main foundation for nutrition assistance programs. The program offers over 50 million participants in approximately 23 million low-income households with cards they can use to purchase food each month. Because eligibility is not limited to restricted, SNAP serves different kinds of people who live in low-income households, this includes families with children, disabled people, elderly folks, and those who…

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  • SNAP Benefits

    SNAP Benefits Many families in the Unites States struggle every day to pay for their groceries and bills. When families and individuals struggle to afford their necessities they search for the best way to receive assistance. It is harder for families that have low-income. Many families talk to a social worker in order to get the assistance that they need. Most of the time families are referred to the nearest Department of Human Services office and are told to apply for the Supplemental Nutrition…

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  • Snap Pros And Cons

    The President’s budget proposal is an attempt to encourage fiscal responsibility. The budget would cut more than $190 billion to SNAP over ten years, which would lead to a decrease in meals, or absolute loss of benefits, for millions of low-income. The cut would mean a loss of at least 45 billion meals to those in need over ten years. SNAP helps families not to have to choose between paying bills and having healthy food. Almost 42 million America received these benefits. Without them, many would…

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  • Snap Inc. Case Analysis

    Snap Inc. is a publicly traded company ( as of March 2017),that allows its users to record videos and take pictures in a “Snap”. Up until March 2017, the company was a privately held company.This application is used on smartphones such as Iphones and Androids. The videos and/or photos can be taken and can last up to 24 hours. Snapchat was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown in 2011. Later on in the fall of 2011, Reggie Brown was booted from the company following a dispute of…

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  • Transformation In Ginger Snaps

    Ginger Snaps is a Canadian horror film released in 2000 and directed by John Fawcett. The story is set in a suburban Canadian town and focuses mainly on two premenstrual adolescent sisters Ginger Fitzgerald, 16 and Bridgitte Fitzgerald, 15. The two girls are social outcasts who are labeled as freaks in their high school, and like most teens, the sisters are rebellious and apathetic. On the surface, Ginger Snaps can be easily dismissed by critics as a typical B-rated teen-turned-werewolf movie.…

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  • Snap Chat: A Brief Summary

    Late October 2016, a tragic accident causing multiple deaths and injuries made local and national news. When reported by NBC nightly news hosted by Lester Halt, the story seem to make headlines because of the popular application and it’s filter “Snap chat”, and when it was reported by Tampa Bay Times it seemed to make headlines because of the multiple fatalities that happened amongst a community. Television and newspaper have emerged as two types of popular mass media. How can the same story…

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