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  • Narrative Essay On Snowboarding

    During spring break of 2016 I went to Winter Park, Colorado. That was the first time I had ever snowboarded. I had skied as a kid but I always wanted to snowboard. For Spring Break, my 19 year old brother put together a group to go skiing and snowboarding. The Friday night after everyone was out of school and off work, we went on our way to Winter Park. My best friend, Jade, got to come on the trip as well and we learned to snowboard together. We had to tell ourselves to be open-minded and don’t expect it to come easy. The two of us picked it up pretty fast and had a blast. I felt that learning to snowboard was a goal that I had finally achieved and I couldn’t be happier. We left Friday night on March 11, we drove all night and arrived mid-day on Saturday. We spent Saturday getting fitted for our skis and snowboards, going to eat, and resting to get ready for our first day on the slopes. Early Sunday morning we all split up and the people in the group skiing or snowboarding for the first time went to our lessons while the others just headed out. Jade and I were the only two in the whole group who were snowboarding but we were glad we had each other. At first it was a little difficult but we didn’t stress about it but instead focussed more on having fun. Our…

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  • Personal Narrative: Snowboarding

    Snowboarding Imagine walking outside in the winter time feeling a cold breeze come across your face when you come in contact with the crisp fresh air. As I step out of the ski lodge into the cold air, I get a spectacular view of the snow capped mountain. The snow sinks in as I step, it’s almost like walking on a cloud. I begin to get anxious as I walk down the icy slope to begin my first ever snowboarding lesson. When I get to the lesson area all the anxiousness and fear leaves my body and it…

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  • Narrative Essay On Snow

    get a slope inward and and yeah that's what I was in. I tried to move and move but I couldn't. Eventually I took off my snow board and was trying to get out and I did, go me. But then it was getting dark and I thought my buddies were probably looking for me and stuff but then I there probably like, hey where'd he go? I don't know probably to the bathroom. Well no I was stuck in the forest and I was trying to find a way out. Thanks alot buddies. Anyways a lot of people would probably be like well…

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  • The Joy Of Skiing

    When most people think of Vail, they think of just skiing. When I think of Vail, I think of the diverse people, the food, the snow, skiing, swimming, and so much fun with my family! I honestly love Vail, Colorado! It is one of my favorite places that I’ve been to, and Vail is special to me because we go there skiing every year. My aunt lives in Vail, and we visit her every year when we’re skiing. Since I know the town so well, it’s like a second home to me! One of my biggest memories I have of…

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  • Serfus-Fiss-Ladis Essay

    One of Austria's hidden skiing gems Serfaus is set on a sunny plateau above the Tyrolean Inn Valley along with two sister villages: Fiss and Ladis. With the smell of dung, a pretty church, and wooden chalets the village is typically Tyrolean. Serfaus holds the distinction of being the only resort in Europe with an underground railway – a two-carriage train with four stops meant to reduce traffic and transport tired youngsters with several skis and poles. Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is one of the top ski…

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  • Snow Watch Research Paper

    #WinterLove 10 Reasons to Join Vancouver’s Snow Watch Do you find yourself gazing longingly at the North Shore Mountains looking for that first dusting of snow? With temperatures dropping and heavy rain in the forecast it is that time of year when the annual snow watch begins. With each flake of snow we get closer and closer to hitting the slopes. How incredible to live in a City where you can cycle, paddle and snowboard all in the same day! I have a confession to make. I am a prairie girl…

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  • Persuasive Essay: The Benefits Of Skiing

    Skiing is a great way to exercise, yet have fun. I ski because I like the feeling of going really fast down a steep snow covered hill and catching really big air. I like any type of skiing, downhill, cross country, even backcountry. I love the feeling I get when I am in the air for a long time. I also like the vibe that a ski resort gives off. There are the ski bums(that are there everyday), the crazy ski team kids that send it off anything, and the first timers, everyone is having fun. I like…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Winter

    Frozen toes and red ears. Pink windburned cheeks and chapped lips. Can you feel it? The rush of cold winter air over your face. Can you picture it? A winter wonderland with slopes, lifts, and free people. Spotlights shining down on you and illuminating the glistening snow. Sundown, a place people go for thrills and fun during the winter. Not everyone departs with a good memory in mind. If you’re not careful you might leave with a traumatic experience and broken bones. Sundown is a place not too…

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  • The Great Pleasure Project Analysis

    In the article “The Great Pleasure Project” on SkiMag, Tim Neville writes about his trip to North Korea for its newly opened ski resort. Neville is taking the risky, yet a worthwhile journey into the land of mystery covered in media stereotypes. Utilizing contrast and contradiction, the author writes about nothing that could be called pleasurable and so little about skiing to defy what the readers will be expecting. Seeing the article, SkiMag followers and fans of travel writing are looking…

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  • Speech About Snowboarding

    Have you ever tried snowboarding? If you have,then great,but if you haven’t,these are some reasons why you should AT LEAST try it. Why not?The chance of getting hurt is 2-4/1000 each day.And, some of the most skilled people of the world (at anything) had to take the risk of actually trying it a first time and pushing through with it. Finally,don’t try once and quit.You have to push to get better at anything,including snowboarding. Why should you try?Snowboarding is a awesome,cool,fun sport.It…

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