The Joy Of Skiing

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When most people think of Vail, they think of just skiing. When I think of Vail, I think of the diverse people, the food, the snow, skiing, swimming, and so much fun with my family! I honestly love Vail, Colorado! It is one of my favorite places that I’ve been to, and Vail is special to me because we go there skiing every year. My aunt lives in Vail, and we visit her every year when we’re skiing. Since I know the town so well, it’s like a second home to me! One of my biggest memories I have of Vail is the hot tub. You may think I’m talking about a wonderful hot tub right outside our door overlooking a beautiful view…but no. A couple years ago, we were staying in this one house, and there were a bunch of houses all around it, and there was one central hot tub in the way center of all of the houses. We happened to be staying in the house farthest from the hot tub. At the end of a long day skiing, my brothers and I would get ready for the hot tub. While my mom would stay home and cook supper, my brothers, my dad, and I would reluctantly walk there. Don’t forget it was winter and it was 20 degrees outside! We would all walk about 1000 feet to the hot tub. When we arrived there half freezing, …show more content…
Our cousins and us would have so much fun all day skiing on the mountain. I’ve memorized the whole mountain and all of the names of the runs. I don’t know what it is that I love about skiing, but I just love how much fun it is and the speed I can reach! Everything about skiing just makes me love it- the chairlifts, the gondolas, the runs, and the trees. It’s so pretty in the mountains, which is why I always carry my camera on my back while skiing in case I just NEED to capture a photo of the gorgeous view. The whole adventure of skiing is fun because sometimes you can become lost. Although it’s alarming if you don’t know where you are, there are maps of the mountain everywhere to help you ski to where you need to

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