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  • Moralism In The Prince By Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince

    named after Niccoló Machiavelli, the Italian author of The Prince. While the term has gained a wider usage in modern times to describe cruelty or ruthlessness for the benefit of an individual, Machiavelli argued the use of such underhanded tactics only for rulers in order to strengthen their holdings. The Prince is meant to be a handbook to establish the proper code of conduct for a ruler of a state, nation, or principality. It advocates a new political, social, and moral value structure that relies almost solely on ruthless logic, and encourages the use of measures that would be considered extreme or even brutal by the Christian value structure in 16th century Italy. It encourages princes to disregard their former concepts of virtue and embrace a new morality that is solely judged on what is best for their states. The first portion of…

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  • Machiavelli's The Prince

    The first piece of evidence to suggest Machiavelli is the prince is seen in the Dedicatory Letter. Machiavelli states, “... no greater gift could be made by me than to give you the capacity to be able to understand...all that I have learned and understood in so many years...” (Prince, dedication). This statement suggests that Machiavelli is persuading Lorenzo de Medici that his involvement in politics and his knowledge of the ancients make him an invaluable adviser. Thus proving that intellect…

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  • An Analysis Of Machiavelli's The Prince

    of government analyzed in Machiavelli 's “The Prince”, in which political expediency is placed above morality. From these definitions you can see clearly the being “Machiavellian” is by no means a good thing. These definitions describe Machiavellian as something evil and deceitful. While there are some people who believe in Machiavelli’s principles most people think that his philosophies are immoral and would not help a ruler with their political undertakings. One of the main goals for…

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  • Machiavelli's The Qualities Of The Prince

    been a significant amount of honest leaders who care for the well being of his/her people, there never ceases to be an evil commander who is self-absorbent, selfish, and corrupt. One prime example is Vlad Dracula. He was the prince of Wallachie during the later 1450’s and the early 1460’s. During his rule as prince, Dracula enjoyed killing his town folks, both adults and children alike; his favorite method of torture was by impalement. By the end of his reign of terror, he’d managed to kill…

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  • Machiavelli The Prince Essay

    Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince is a depiction of how a “prince” or namely anyone in a position of power is to act toward his subjects, army, adversaries, etc. The development of Machiavelli’s worldview can be better explained by his time spent as a diplomat, statesman, and prisoner, as his many interactions with individuals in positions of power led him to formulate his theories on power and how it should be maintained. The Prince was a unique piece of writing for its time, in what it praises…

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  • Fyodor Machiavelli's The Prince

    The Prince is a quite the interesting book. Upon reading it, I believe I’ve gained a much better understanding on how rulers, whether those who inheritated or those who became so via conquest. What I found incredibly important is his distinction between the two types of rulers. One would be lead to believe that the only difference is the method in which they obtained power. However, what I believe the book did very well was explain the challenges and advantages each obtained. The Prince starts…

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  • Niccólo Machiavelli's The Prince

    Sly, coning, deceitful, ruthless, words often used to described the political philosophy of Niccólo Machiavelli. He was the first philosopher of the renaissance, lived in an Italy divided by states, he lived in Florence Italy under different Florentine empires. His exile ethic took place under the Medici family rule. "One should wish to be both, but, because it is difficult to unite them in one person,”Machiavelli was a realist and made a point of writing things as they were rather than as…

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  • Pessimism In Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince

    be liked as well as admired, but sometimes individuals have to make decisions against their moral and ethical judgement. It is through The Prince that Niccolo Machiavelli expresses his political theories and ideology, asserting that in order to be a successful Prince one must be willing to disregard their morals and ultimately use deception to both gain and keep control. Machiavelli states that although his ideas may be influenced by his morals, it is imperative that they do not dictate the…

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  • Analysis Of Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince

    Power is not evil, it is the user that makes it evil. Machiavelli, a controversial figure in political history left a legacy of brutal reality which disturbed many people. Niccolo Machiavelli’s, The Prince explores the groundbreaking ideas for a prince to secure the leading position in government and retain his power and leadership. Human nature combined with power has the possibility of becoming tragically destructive. However, that wreckage stems from the environment, and the actions…

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  • Analysis Of Machiavelli's The Prince

    In Machiavelli’s The Prince, Machiavelli gives an instructional guide on how to gain and keep political power. This instruction manual gives essential strategies on how to achieve political dominance; if one uses these strategies to their full capability, then one achieves complete political dominance over their citizens and any opposition that may rise. Using Machiavelli’s writing is essential for political domination. President Trump’s political and professional career can be framed with The…

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