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  • Difference Between Principal And Superintendent

    Principal vs. Superintendent Principals and Superintendents are both administrative professionals within a school district setting. Both administrators are leaders and work closely together to assure the district mission and vision is being met. Superintendents and principals work together to write, review, and enforce policies and procedures throughout the district. Although both administrators work closely together, their roles within the district differ tremendously. The superintendent oversees the entire district, whereas a principal oversees an assigned school building. First off, the roles of a superintendent differ from a principal based on the decisions each leader must make. The superintendent makes decisions regarding programs and…

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  • Four Wrong Policy Drivers

    book by Jenn David-Lang in The Main Idea, were the four wrong policy drivers. I agree with Fullan in that a principal needs to possess the ability to motivate their staff. However, in chapter 2, Michael Fullan points out “four wrong policy drivers” (Jenn David-Lang, 2014) that will cripple a principal in their critical skill of motivation. The four wrong policies include…

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  • Parent Support Case Study Essay

    In regard to Case 1, the principal need to start using different approaches and exhibiting better ownership and accountability and not simply allocating tasks to his assistant principals and avoiding disciplinary roles but through his direct leadership. However, to improve the school’s academic and student behavioral reputation, hiring parental liaison is necessary. Because, according to Sanders, M. G. (2008) which suggested the use liaison provides direct services to families at risk, deliver…

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  • Reciprocity, Commitment, Consensus, And Liking

    The art of persuasion is in high demand in an age where advertising supports entire categories of the economy. If you have the skill of persuasion you can use it to grow your business, gain influence and succeed professionally. There are 6 main principals of persuasion: Reciprocity, Scarcity, Authority, Commitment, Consensus, and Liking. I will tell you a little bit about each of these principals in the following paragraphs and give you an example of a situation is which I was tasked with…

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  • Ethical Issues For Bullying

    Then to what extent is it ethical for a principal to give a victim leniency in a physical altercation? In cases, when a victim retaliates against their oppressor, it’s seen as less than violence. Although that’s from a personal viewpoint because they are “fighting back”. These people have been put through emotional hell and the only way to stop their suffering is revenge. It matters the home life of one and whether they have been taught to defend themselves or ignore. If conditioned to follow…

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  • Principal Roles Of The Principal Case Study

    The Role of the Principal Overview Quality is a relative concept that involves dynamism. A process that seeks quality is a task that never ends, because you can always expect more quality. Building a quality school has as its primary purpose the improvement of learning for all students (Gaynor, 1975). The results of a school depend on the people who work in them, so that it all working must participate in the process and execution of the processes that make it possible to achieve that quality…

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  • Turnaround Principal

    gotten a good understanding of who he is and what he can do professionally. Most of my teaching career has been in turnaround schools, so I am very familiar of what it takes to be a turnaround teacher. However, my role as a turnaround principal has only just begun and I wanted to gain insight from someone who had been successful in this position before to educate me on things I may not know or even realized could potentially take place. The following interview questions and answers describe…

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  • Effective Principals

    After establishing effective principal’s key functions and leadership, principals must work with teachers to increase their effectiveness. Principals have to be supportive to veteran teachers and especially new teachers starting their first year. To increase children’s academic success, principals have to understand the issues and concerns of the new teachers, meet their needs and help them be successful educators. Based on data and research done by The Clearing House Association, it was said…

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  • Modern Day Principals

    By no means, the job of the school principal has changed rapidly in the past few years. Today’s principals need to acquire new skills needed to keep up with the changing requirements. The principals to be are faced with more responsibilities and in many cases more people to lead. Curriculum changes, teacher accountability, assessments, safety, student learning, discipline, budget, legality are just a few issues 21st century modern day principals face. These are just some of the many roles and…

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  • Principal Management Principles

    The principal of my high school was in charge of overseeing the day to day activities of the school, as well as making big picture decisions. Making sure that the school is meeting the needs of all of its students is no small task. The tasks involved in the principles management can be broken down into 4 basic functions: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Planning starts with setting goals and objectives and determining how you will achieve them. My principal had a goal of…

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