Principal Roles Of The Principal Case Study

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The Role of the Principal
Quality is a relative concept that involves dynamism. A process that seeks quality is a task that never ends, because you can always expect more quality. Building a quality school has as its primary purpose the improvement of learning for all students (Gaynor, 1975). The results of a school depend on the people who work in them, so that it all working must participate in the process and execution of the processes that make it possible to achieve that quality (Lazaridou, 2009). The involvement generates commitment and personal satisfaction, generating higher quality life at work, which is one of the main objectives of the quality philosophy. Leadership styles, tasks and its performances are an important
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The way that the principals operate and driven by the actions that they take (Gaynor, 1975). The principal factor is important throughout the educational process and the management quality determines the level of performance of the school community general. The duties and tasks should be aimed at achieving what should be the goal of universal education: the integral formation of the students. One of the characteristics of the principal’s job is to resolve unfamiliar, complex, and unstructured challenges (Drake & Roe, 2002). New principals want to identify the most important task that they need to prioritize at the beginning of their …show more content…
Initiating improvements in teaching techniques and methods 2. Making certain that curricula fit the needs of students 3. Directing teachers to motivate students to learn at their optimal levels 4. Affording teachers the opportunity to individualize programs 5. Directing teachers to coordinate and articulate the subject matter taught on each grade level. Personally, I will add to the one’s that Mrs. Salazar had, that the most important role of a leader and administrator is to develop a vision and create a healthy leaning environment for all the stakeholders, then create a system where the morale of the staff can be boost, also to collaborate side-by-side the teachers, not on top, or the bottom, a teamwork, based on communication, interaction and alignment talents so that the results are greater than the sum of the contributions of individuals; analyzed, obtain, and seek for the needs of the students in order to better understand what approach to follow. There are infinite roles and duties that a principal must apply in a daily basis, but the attitudes and personal motivation will assist to accomplish

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