Self Assessment In The Leadership Grid In Northouse

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Leadership Style
Self-Assessment 1 After taking the style questionnaire during while studying the Leadership Grid in Northouse; as expected, I found that my leadership style varies, although of the three theories discussed, more closely relates to team leadership. My assessment found my strengths to be with authority compliance (9,1) and team management (9,9). As suggested by Northouse (2012), “The 9,1 style of leadership places heavy emphasis on task and job requirements, and less emphasis on people, except to the extent that people are tools for getting the job done” (p. 79). The Team Management style is based on tasks and relationships. I consider myself more tasks orientated and analytical, while spending less time with my subordinates’ personal issues. “After all, the personal styles of superb leaders vary: some leaders are
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As remarked by Northouse (2012), a directive type leadership behavior is one providing guidance and psychological structure; and fits the dogmatic and authoritarian subordinates best, where task demands are complex, ambiguous, and with unclear rules (p. 143). As noted by House (1996), “individuals with a low preference for independence and self-direction will find non authoritarian directive leadership to be valent” (p. 326). During my review of the literature, I found that a good leader-subordinate relationship is essential in overall effectiveness of a team. To be effective as a leader, it is important to have a mixed bag of talents. “What is the proper mix of relational characteristics to promote desired outcomes?” (Graen, & Uhl-Bien, 1995, p. 223). My preferred leadership style and the style shown by the results of my questionnaire show the relationship between the leader and follower; the task at hand, and the subordinate’s characteristics, is critical in being an effective

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