Lewin's Leadership Style Analysis

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Leadership Theories
Having a quality leadership team in place is essential to the success of any business. The question then becomes what type of leadership is best suited to a particular business? The answer to this questions can be found within the research that has been conducted on leadership by a variety of philosophers, psychologists, sociologist, and other individuals influential in the business world. Each theory seeks to explain how leaders can be affective in motivating their employees to work hard towards accomplishing the goals of a company. The following will summarize three key leadership styles and analyze how each theory can be applied in a work environment.
Three Leadership Styles
Lewin’s Leadership Styles
Lewin’s Leadership
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This theory states the great leaders are born with the ability to lead. That even before they were in a position of leadership that they had the characteristics needed to be a great leader. A great man has the ability to step up and lead during a time of crises. They have the ability to accomplish a goal even when the task is extremely difficult. The theory states that people in a position of power are there because the characteristics they possess. That these traits remain with the person no matter how old the get or what the situation is. (Great man theory of leadership, 2013)
Bass Transformational Leadership Theory. The Bass Transformational Leadership Theory was developed by Bernard M Bass in 1985. Bass believed that true leaders had the ability to inspire change within those that they lead. A true leader can help a subordinate with changing their view on expectations of a situation and help model a subordinates values to be more in line with the companies. A leader in this theory has a strong ability to communicate the goals of a company and can persuade their subordinates to follow these goals. The have the ability to inspire trust in their leadership abilities. The leader serves as a role model.
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