The Importance Of Leadership In Nursing Education

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Define what type of leadership style best fits your abilities.
The leadership style the best fits into my abilities is the coaching leadership. Developed by Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard in the late 1960s, Daniel Goleman in 2002 made it famous by including the coaching leader as one of the existing leadership styles (Boykins, Campbell, Moore & Nayyar, 2013). Coaching leadership style distinctively outline roles and tasks of followers, but the followers are included in the sharing of ideas and suggestions, and open communication style, but the leader still makes the ultimate decision (Boykins et al., 2013). According to Boykins et al. (2013), coaching leadership style is often applicable to any settings where performance or results need
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With my experience and knowledge base in change theory, I envision myself embracing any change that provides value to my role as a nurse educator. As stated by Orr and Davenport (2015), nursing education and practice still face many challenges in ever changing and demands of the health care delivery system, but nurses have the ability and the skills to overcome these problems to take their rightful place in the health care delivery system as primary care providers. As we march towards that goal, I envision myself as a proficient nurse educator, transforming and inspiring students to rise to the occasion to fulfill that role by playing my part in creating critical thinkers and visionaries and innovators who can effect successful change. To be successful in achieving that goal of training the next generation of skilled caregivers, I must be passionate, have a vision, be dedicated, a pioneer and a champion for the cause of the of ushering nursing into the ever changing challenging profession of nursing. In order to be a succeed and evolve as a nurse educator I must possess the following qualities and characteristics: strong professional work ethics, dedication, self-sacrifice, patience, emotional intellect, adaptable, social skills, positive attitude, critical reflection, confidence, humor and passion because all these qualities combine to makes a person unique and successful. Also, I must be able to inspire, invigorate and energetic in creating an atmosphere that motivates students to want to keep learning and excel in their knowledge and abilities. I must also possess compassion, empathy and a good listener, responsible and flexible but at the same time ensuring academic excellence from all students. Being an educator and as a nurse means being a lifelong learner. As indicated by Stanley

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