Essay On Preferred Leadership Style

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It is important for all leaders to think about, know and understand their preferred leadership style. By contemplating and answering the following questions: what is your preferred leadership style, what are the advantages and disadvantages of your leadership style, what is your personal leadership style/development plan and what are the growth areas that you can anticipate and develop. By self-reflecting and answering these questions, a leader gains a greater understanding of themselves and their leadership style. In this paper, I will explore and begin the process of answering these identified questions as they pertain to me. I will first start with identifying my preferred leadership style.

After some thought, I feel that servant leadership is the best leadership style that I most favor. Servant leadership starts with wanting to serve the community I work in and serving the officers I lead. I accomplish this by always making myself available to address any needs for those I serve. I also actively seek out and have open honest dialogue with community members, subordinate supervisor and officers. Through conversations, I strive to identify needs, problems, and changes,
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As I have written this paper, I have seen how important it is to know what your preferred leadership style is, what are the advantages and disadvantages of my leadership style and how I can continue to develop my style while learning from other styles as well. By writing this paper, it has caused me to self-reflect, know and re-evaluate if I truly realize what my leadership style is and how it affects the community and my organization. More importantly, this paper has caused me to understand that leadership styles are not stagnant and as a leader, you must continue to progress your style of leading by having a development plan to ensure I am progressing toward my goal of being a highly effective

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