Future Nurse Education Essay

As a future nurse educator I look forward to teaching college students. I picture myself teaching students the basics of nursing. I hope that I have a good mentor as I enter this field. I noticed this theme in my reading and feel that this would be a plus to my learning how to approach the students. I also feel that I am wise enough to realize that I am one who knows that she does not know it all, I am willing to help a student know where to find it. I feel that the students would need to know that they are not going to know it all, even when they approach the real world of nursing. I would want them to know that they need to practice safe nursing and know when to ask questions of another mentoring nurse.
I would also like to serve the other
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First education is a key to nursing. Researched based evidence practices hopefully govern all that we as nurses do for our patients. Students are the future nurses of tomorrow, and I hope to encourage each of them to be the best nurse possible for their patients. Nurses are professionals that are held to high standards by the public, and our peers. I want to be accountable to my students and teach them the high standards that I hold myself to as a nurse educator. Next I also want to teach and show compassion. Compassion is why a great deal of nurses have chosen the field that they have chosen. Nurses care about their patients and show them compassion on a daily bases. I hope to teach compassion to my students, although I realize that they ultimately will have to be the one who will embrace compassion in order to feel compassion for their patients. I always uphold myself as a professional. The nursing profession is governed by standards that show that we look beyond our own personal attitudes. Nurses uphold practices that support the patient’s standards in regards to health both physically and ethically (Meehan, 2012). As a nurse educator I hope to teach the students to uphold these standards as

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