Authentic Leadership Analysis

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There are individuals all over the world who walk in and out of your life and some for a brief second, impact your world and make a huge difference causing you to re-think your values, your morals, your character and your drive to obtain your own success. But it doesn’t stop there, these people re-ignite the fire in your lives and are the coals that help put the passion there to keep it burning. These individuals are called leaders and they are all around us, they may even be you, yourself who inspires and motivates someone and continues to provide an example of direction and development.
Being a leader is about being personable in many ways with your peers, your colleagues, strangers, and those around you. My husband is currently a Lance Corporal
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His authentic leadership utilizes his self-awareness and his behavior is consistent with those that are align with his morals, values and character. He is constantly practicing what he preaches and believes that you cannot make someone do something that you are not willing to do yourself. Authentic leadership operates on many multitudes of levels and has to be adaptable. The key approach to this leadership is to be yourself and to know what your background is in order to use your life experiences and events to help shape yourself as an individual and the people around you. Authentic leaders derive their strength from within and behave in ways that are consistent and aligned with their values. This type of leadership is very influential and leads to overall performance and development (Goertzen, …show more content…
His ability to take control of situation and have a clear and consistent overall vision is one of his driving factors. His passion for work and his positive energy impacts those around him. Transformational leadership is a style that promotes and inspires positive change to those who follow that individual. These types of leaders are generally energetic, enthusiastic, and often passionate about their life’s work. These types of individuals are also dedicated to helping others be their best self so that they can succeed as a group and as an individual. They inspire change and spark motivation. Some of the components of transformation leadership involves four different components and they are:
• Intellectual stimulation: transformational leaders challenge the status quo and they inspire creativity. They also inspire their followers to explore new ways of doing things and to seek new opportunities to learn and gain new knowledge.
• Individualized consideration: This offers support and encouragement to the leader’s

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