Example Of Authentic Leadership

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The president shows leadership qualities that align with authentic leadership. According to Daft (2013) authentic leaders establish connected relationships, have strong values and lead with their hearts as well as their heads. His first strength that relates to authentic leadership is he establishes relationships with his employees. According to Leroy (2012), by building positive relationships with your employees this will lead to better performance from your employees. He takes the time to address employees and make personal connections with them. He genuinely cares about his employees and wants to make sure they are happy at their jobs. He makes sure to take even if it is a few minutes a day and make a connection with each employee and ask him or her how they are doing. Employees tend to enjoy this interaction with him and perform better because of it. …show more content…
He is a successful leader who is respected and liked. One of the attributes of an authentic leader is having compassion for his employees. According to Shirey (2006) having compassion for employees is critical to promoting a healthy work environment. The president must make tough decisions and when he is able to he always tries to show compassion to his employees. He is fortunate to be the leader of a company that is able to accommodate flexibility. He is compassionate and understanding to employees who have families and may have responsibilities that interfere with working hours. He leaves room for flexibility for these obligations as long as the employees are still able to complete his or her work. By showing this compassion the president is improving work place

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