Leadership Research Essay: An Introduction To Being A Successful Leader

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Leadership Research Essay To be a successful leader, one must know how to follow. Leaders must be ready and willing to take direction, listen to peers, staff and be supportive. There are numerous leadership styles, models and theories. Leadership approaches vary from trait, behavioral, situational, skill and psychodynamic. These approaches discuss specific leadership traits, specific situations on how leaders should lead, how they act and what leaders do, and the dynamics of human behavior. A leader’s capability to use one’s education and expertise to achieve goals would be using the skills approach. Specific abilities that can be learned or developed are classified as skills approach. Skills approach describes what leaders are capable of. …show more content…
I took a month off and enrolled into my current Bachelor’s in Management program. I decided against my Bachelor’s in Childcare because I wanted flexibility for career options. I am currently enrolled in two classes with seven classes left. I have been working full time for the last two years and recently decided to focus all my time for school. When I have two classes left, I will start applying for what I hope is the begin of my career. When I am in my desired field, I will begin my Master’s program. When I return to the work force, I will be more professional and less sociable. I want my followers to take me seriously. I will also train my team to work as hard and fast as I work so that I am able to delegate more. I recently had internet/cable set up in our house but instead of having over 500 channels, I only have 6. I have basic cable because I am not accustomed to being home during the day and I do not need any distractions. I decided to get basic cable because I love football. My recent phone activity has been more positive and professional. I converse with my family frequently. The talks between my friends and I have been about positivity, encouragement and future goals. I have the indeed app on my phone and whenever I need a motivational push, I open the app and browse for potential careers. The indeed app inspires me to keep pushing through these seven

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