The Importance Of Leading A Team

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Leading a team is a skill that takes time, determination and commitment. Leadership is a quality that is needed to lead a team to great success. Leaders must lead by example because they have to be good role models to the rest of the members. Leaders are very knowledgeable about the topic, very respected and someone you look up too. Leadership allows a person to communicate with their team and provide each member with steps to accomplish their goals. “We define leadership as verbal and nonverbal communication that facilitates a team’s transactional and task processes in achieving members’ and the team’s needs and goals” (G. Lumsden, D. Lumsden & Wiethoff, 2010, pg. 28). Leadership is done through transactional and task processing, which …show more content…
“Leaders, it’s said, ‘elevate,’ ‘empower,’ and ‘inspire’ those around them to do ‘extraordinary things’” (Rothman, 2016, pg. 68). One quality of a leader is to possess the ability to motivate your team members. Motivating your team members will strengthen the ability to work as a group while completing the task. By setting goals, you are making progress and taking steps to achieve the final task together. Strategy allows for a game plan as well as better and more organized project meeting in means of achieving your end goal. Managing a team is crucial to create positive atmosphere that encourages productivity. As a team, you will face challenges, but as a leader, you need to know how to overcome those challenges. Settling differences between members, everyone getting their job done in a timely manner and other problems that the team may …show more content…
“So you, as a leader, must manage these conflicting role expectations with communication and compromise” (G. Lumsden, D. Lumsden & Wiethoff, 2010, pg. 264). The role of leader influences your personality in regards to making you a more independent-minded individual. “They proposed that leaders possessed certain personality traits courage, decisiveness, intelligence, attractiveness, and so on that made them intrinsically followable, bureaucracy be damned” (Rothman, 2016, pg. 66).
Leaders and their members all have a common goal to successfully create a strong team. Leadership is the qualities to motivate, set goals, teamwork, strategize, manage and to overcome challenges which work to accomplishing the end goal. The leader keeps the group together, motivates the team while still moving forward to completely the goal. Leadership is very important to the team as a whole, it not only helps form a successful team but also a successful individual. Leadership creates synergy, which allows for mutual productivity as well as encourage positive communication among

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