The Strengths Of The Leadership Model In Leadership

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Leadership is a very important part of any business. Leadership is how a business is ran and how a business operates successfully. There are two different models of leadership that are very important in any business which are the trait and behavior models that make any leader strong, efficient, and productive along with having a positive attitude.

The trait model in my opinion is the most important and strongest model in leadership. “Research in the field of the trait theory has shown significant positive relationships between effective leadership and personality traits. These findings also show that individuals emerge as leaders across a variety of situations and tasks.” (Boundless). There are some traits that help leadership be successful and productive with a positive attitude. “The trait model is focused on identifying the personal characteristics that cause effective leadership.” (McCarthy 331). These traits are intelligence, knowledge and expertise, dominance, self confidence, high energy, tolerance for stress, integrity and honesty, and maturity. Intelligence “helps managers understand complex issues and solve problems.” (McCarthy 331). When it comes to knowledge and expertise these traits “help managers make good decisions and
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One strength is that “it is a naturally pleasing theory.” (Management Study Guide). Another strength of the trait theory model is that “it is valid as a lot of research has validated the foundation and basis of the theory.” (Management Study Guide). The next strength is that “it serves as a yardstick against which the leadership traits of an individual can be assessed.” (Management Study Guide). The final strength that I would like to mention is that “it gives a detailed knowledge and understanding of the leader element in the leadership process.” (Management Study

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