The Reflection Of Leadership: An Introduction To Leadership

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Introduction As I reflect on this course and the results of the Questionnaires, Reflection, and Action Worksheets I have learned many aspects of leadership. I have analyzed the definition of leadership and now have a clearer understanding of it. According to, Introduction to Leadership; concepts and practice, by Peter Northouse (2015), leadership can be composed of many variables such as relationship, trait, ability, skill, behavior, and influence process. He also elaborates on how the “leadership of an individual can be used to influence a group to accomplish a common goal”. In addition, he discusses how leadership is not the same as management (Northouse, 2015, pp. 3-7). After examining his definitions and answering the Questionnaire, Reflection, and Action Worksheets questions. Questions designed to help me visualize, recognize, develop, practice, implement and define my own leadership. Consequently, how I define leadership can influence how I practice it. These …show more content…
According to Peter Northouse (2015), this leadership style involves communication with the followers and leader, not a linear or one way event but an interactive event (Northouse, 2015, p. 6). This type of leadership engages everyone and makes followers feel valued, and as if they can communicate any issues that may arise. In relationship leadership, the leader is an advocate for making the work place pleasant, treating others with respect and dignity, as well as building camaraderie and helping people get along. This leadership style is what I feel will help subordinate’s work together and become more productive, allowing each person to be accountable with less conflict. Although not all conflicts are bad, improvements have come about as a result of some conflicts which in turn are a good thing. Hence these beliefs help me to form my leadership style and my philosophy of

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