Example Of Personal Leadership: Self Reflection In Leadership

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By nature I am a very emotional person and so far this has been my drawback. Being emotional is not a bad thing but I really cannot see anyone in pain or trouble. Controlling and managing my emotions are the biggest quality that I am currently working on. If anyone would ask for my help I will leave my work and go and help them but in past I was not able to finish my tasks in time and my manager was very disappointed. My manager keeps on insisting on controlling my emotions so that I can focus on my work. Since early start of this year, I am able control my emotions and things are back on track.
2. Time management

To be an effective leader, you need to learn to manage time. This has been an issue with me very recently. Initially I was only responsible for regional submission for United States. After acquiring several companies globally, now I am responsible for 6 global sites. So emails and calls start from 6 am in the morning and it goes up till 10 PM. In trying to resolve issues for different sites, I am not able to focus on work for my regional site and I sometimes feel overwhelmed. My manager know about this and she is trying get me some more help by hiring associate under me but until then I need to find ways to manage my time and
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You can be an effective leader by being proactive and using your strength and working on your weaker areas.
• Motivate Employees: An optimistic leader can always bring positive energy and confidence in his employees. He can motivate them to try and adapt a new style of work. He can act as a catalyst who can help the team boost up their moral when things are not moving in the right direction and can provide positive feedback once the task is accomplished.

• Develop Workforce: A Leader can be a coach and can mentor the project so that he can get the best out of the team. He should be able to sit and talk to employees and work on their goals and help them to achieve it. He can be a role model to many of the new hires and can inspire them to be just like him. A Leader can also provide remarks to the job done and help them work on their weakness and convert them into
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Mergers, acquisitions, change of ownership, downsizing are some of those changes where a leader is expected to take charge and try and bring the team closer and decrease the stress at work.

• Handle Crisis: The most important role of a leader is to lead his team during a situating on crisis where it seems like nothing is going as planned and things are just not going to work out. A leader with is experience and capability should be able to quickly assess the causes and try and fix those problem.

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