Explain The Importance Of Leading And Motivating A Team Effectively

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Register to read the introduction… But employers need to think carefully about what to communicate. Show respect for your employees by not covering up bad news or giving it a positive spin, as most people will be able to see straight through it. Employees will not be able to help their company to embrace change if they are not made aware of the situation, or the chosen course of action. A manager must be able to tell their employees what is expected of them, sympathise with their situation, and publicly recognise individual and team performances.
Communicate as much as possible about as much as possible. Constant reinforcement of key messages improves memory and understanding.
1.3 Assess the effectiveness of own communication skills on the basis of the above.
I feel that I can communicate with people effectively, praising good work and discussing areas that require development.
In my previous job role as a retail manager I felt that I could approach any member of my staff with praise or issues requiring attention, ensuring that knew that I was transparent with my management approach and that my workers could be sure that I was telling them ‘the whole story’. This allowed me to empower people to handle instances as that arose whilst I could still remain sympathetic with their personal
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Once a stage is complete the process to move onto the next desired stage starts. The process starts with physiological needs and is complete with completion of the final stage called Self-actualization.
Employee motivation theories have created success for the workplace and everyday life. The effects have been felt by both employees and leaders. Understanding the importance of motivation leads to self motivating. Theories of motivation allow us to determine what level of desire a person is willing to excel. With that knowledge in place, leaders can employ proper employee motivation strategies.
2.3 Explain the role that a leader plays in supporting and developing the team and its members and give practical examples of when this will be necessary
Teamwork is something that is nurtured and devolved with a cooperative effort between the team and the leader manager. To facilitate the effective development of a team the leader manager must understand their role. If the leader performs their job properly, the team produces well and becomes an efficient part of the company.
Some of the roles of a leader are listed

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