Jay Shottenstein's Leadership Theory

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If an organization aims to be successful, which most do, a crucial part in that success is strong leadership skills and a healthy employee/boss relationship. CEO Jay S. Schottenstein, who runs American Eagle Outfitters is an example of how communication can positively and negative effect an organization. This company uses a classical approach with a downward communication style. There is a lack of attentiveness towards employees but have a high understanding and care for production and clientele. I have personal experience on how corporate communicates and operates with employees because I was employed by this company during high school. There are many positives in working with this organization, however, there is a lack of accountability in the caring of employees. In this essay I will discuss how Mr. Schottenstein’s leadership skills …show more content…
It served as a tool to be able to train managers on different leadership styles. “They began with the assumption that leaders will be most effective when they exhibit both concern for people and concern for production, thus combining the interest of classical management (concern for people) and human relations (concern for production)” (Miller, 48-49). The grid consists of five different type of leadership skills that managers have the potential of becoming. The first being impoverished management which means that there is both a low concern for people or production. Secondly is country club management where there is a high concern for people but a low concern for production. Thirdly is authority-compliance which is a high concern for production and a low concern for people. Then there is the team management style which has a high concern for both people and production. Lastly is the middle-of-the-road management a manager who attempts to balance concern for people and production without wavering more to one

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