Role And Responsibilities Of A Teaching Assistant

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Giving feedback to the teacher on individuals.
The teacher has to supply a safe and supervised classroom for the pupils to learn in and it will be my responsibility to maintain this.

Question 6
Briefly outline the role and responsibilities of:
The head teacher; deputy/assistant head teacher; SENCO; key stage co-ordinators; subject co-ordinators; class/subject teachers.

Head teacher

To provide effective and inspirational leadership in order for every pupil to fulfil their true potential. With the support of staff, the Governing Body and curriculum provide a safe and secure learning environment. Develop, motivate and lead all staff to achieve the highest professional standards. Ensure all policies are kept up to date, working closely with teaching staff and the Full Governing Body.

Deputy/assistant head teacher

Responsible for working with and supporting the Head teacher. Sometimes keep a teaching role but with more managerial roles Second in command and will ‘step-in’ in the absence of head teacher Maintains motivation and career development amongst peers and
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using ICT
To promote independent learning from the pupils I will initially need to assess their abilities and learning capacities.
After the initial assessment I will plan the promotion of independent learning through resources and teaching methods. I can adapt activities so they feel happy and confident about how they learn.
Feedback from the pupil will enable me to ensure they are learning. Lots of encouragement and regular observation will make them feel comfortable in what they are doing. Supporting them throughout will allow me to assess them further and make evaluations on their progress.
If they weren’t comfortable with independent learning I will need to re assess my methods and try something that will achieve the best outcome for the student. Resources could include ICT, practical work, verbal assessments or written work, each pupil is individual and need to learner that way.
Recording the pupil’s needs will allow future learning to be more successful.

Question 8
What strategies can be used to support pupils learning

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