Multimodal Learning Styles Essay

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Learning is multidimensional. Very seldom will a learner use just one type of learning style. There are four different learning styles: Visual, aural, read/write, kinesthetic and multimodal. Multimodal is a combination of two or more of the learning styles. Those who are multimodal in their preferences can be more flexible about how they take in and give out information than those with a VARK profile that emphasizes a single preference. The preferred learning strategy may differ slightly from the identified strategy for the preferred learning style. For example if your preferred learning style is a multimodal learning for Read/write (R) and Kinesthetic(K) then you will combine the strategies for both learning styles.
Read/Write (R) is a preference
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If a teacher is aware about his/her own learning styles she will be encouraged to utilize the various styles facilitate learning linked to the learners’ preferred learning style. It is important for individuals to know and understand their own learning styles and ways of using the strengths of their learning style, so that they can improve their effectiveness as learners. (vinales)

“The most realistic approach to the accommodation of learning styles in teaching programs should involve empowering students through knowledge of their own learning styles” Teachers should be able to accommodate learning if they have knowledge about learning styles so it is important for teachers to know the different learning styles.. This will help them better help the learner to build on their skills by utilizing their learning styles. It can help an individual to understand how best they can learn or the approach they need to take to understand best.
The teacher will be able to suggest learning opportunities that will match with learning style of the learner for example when forming learning groups the learners should be of the same learning style not different so they can be able to help each

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