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  • Personal Learning Style Analysis

    Overview A learning style is a preference that someone has about how they want information is given to them. This preference also involves how their environment is, how they expect others to act around them, how they understand and process information given to them, and how they prefer to give information. According to the Gregorc Modle, there are 4 different learning styles. Dominate Concrete Sequential, Dominate Abstract Sequential, Dominate Abstract Random, and Dominate Concrete Random. It is important to know your learning style and the traits of other learning styles. When you know your learning style you can understand why you prefer to do things in a certain way and how your learning style meshes with others. Knowing the traits of the…

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  • Learning Styles

    The most common—but not the only—hypothesis about the instructional relevance of learning styles is the meshing hypothesis, according to which instruction is best provided in a format that matches the preferences of the learner (e.g., for a ‘‘visual learner,’’ emphasizing visual presentation of information). (Pashler et al., 2009) Learning is a very unique concept as in one regard some people might refer to learning as a means of retaining knowledge while others might refer to learning as a…

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  • Classroom Learning Style

    environment of the traditional classroom setting. Although the students liked the online portion for extra practice, they still wanted the face-to-face instruction. Although educators may think that the younger generation would prefer online assignments, it is important to understand that some may feel uncomfortable with that environment. When implementing a blended learning environment, no matter what learning preference one may hold, it is important to have a balanced environment of both in…

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  • Myth Of Learning Styles

    The Myth of Learning Styles “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” This quote, by Ignacio Estrada, encapsulates the current American view of the learning styles theory. What learning style do you prefer to learn by? Some styles are more dominantly taught by educators than others. Is this fair? From the eyes of many, this would give some people a privilege that other people might not have based on their individual learning style. What is the truth…

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  • Cognitive Learning Styles

    child, as being disobedient. In reality, it is impossible for a child to learn in a way that does not appeal to him or her. Each student has his or her own learning style (also called cognitive style). It is the job of a teacher to introduce different learning styles. So that, the student is able to…

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  • Preferred Learning Style

    use this skill, the usefulness of it help to compare, evaluate and to deal with the complexity of situations that I may encounter. Learning Skills (score # 10). It informs that I am able to grasp new knowledge, and sensibility needed to resolve a new problem using the feedback effectively to derive at the desired result. Conflict Resolution Skills (score # 9. This…

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  • Multigenerational Learning Style

    Since most classrooms are multigenerational it is necessary to include learning techniques that would involve different focal points, and depend on the student to choose their best learning style. The Generational Xers who are in the classroom may not benefit from the same learning style as the Millennials. The Generational Xers may benefit from a more empirical learning style such as described in Carper’s theory as reading, listening to lectures, reviewing the content and applying the content…

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  • Reflection Of My Personal Solitary Learning Style

    all of us with a unique personality that is reflective of our own life experiences. Every human being in this world is unique and each individual has different ways in which they learn. There are seven specific learning styles that we as society are meant to fit into: visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social and solitary. And although it 's to be believed that we should fit into one particular category, I believe that every individual likely falls into each learning style listed above,…

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  • Student Learning Styles

    Title: VARK ANALYSIS PAPER Name: Zainab Moriba Institution: Grand Canyon University This paper explores the connection between students and preferred learning style. A constructivist perspective of student learning can be described as a progression of internalizing or building the knowledge presented by interactions with the instructor and other students (Dunn et al., 1995). Students these days have very busy lives and are always looking for study methods. There are tons of…

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  • My Learning Style Analysis

    People have different learning styles. According to the VAK Learning Style Indicators, my learning style is not quite clear. I tend to be physical but very close to visual and auditory. In university, student live in a very intensive environment, so it is very significant to let the student know what their learning style is. Let them concentrate on using the learning style that they are good at. So, I am going to introduce my current learning style, the tasks I find easiest or difficult and the…

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