Kinesthetic learning

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  • The Benefits Of Kinesthetic Learning

    students learning style it allows for teachers to better serve their students and make sure they are learning the curriculum in the most effective way possible. My preferred learning style is a combination of kinesthetic and old school reading and writing, which makes means I have a multimodal approach on learning. Kinesthetic learning is learning by doing. I learn through trial and error and practical exercises. Now reading and writing is a learning style that most people are familiar with, which means I learn by reading and writing information. Behaviorism dictates that your external behavior can change by using reinforcement to shape the behavior. For example, my nephew hates to do his homework. So to try to motivate him I tell him if he finishes his homework…

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  • Kinesthetic: Modern Learning Style Analysis

    Trung Hoang Professor Pete Nguyen Engl 101 18 September 2015 Kinesthetic: Modern learning style Throughout life, I use kinesthetic learning style to improve my education because it is one of the best effective learning styles which support me in this modern society. People need to have a good education to support them because knowledge will help them overcome any problems. By using appropriate learning style, people can effectively learn more than they expect. In the article “The “Banking”…

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  • Relevant Factors Essay

    There are several students who fall short of the academic standard while there are some students who succeed the standard. Students will be grouped where one higher academic achievement student will be siting with a group of students who fall short of the standard. This will allow the successful student to mentor and help the other students become successful. The by product of grouping students this way is giving students leadership skills and learning to help others and having students learn…

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  • Reflective Essay: A Critique Of My Speech

    For example, while giving my speech, I made a conscious effort to make sure that I was fluctuating my voice as much as possible because I did not want to have a monotone voice. However, I noticed that towards the end of my speech, I started to sound less enthusiastic about my topic, which made the pitch of my voice go down, making the last two points of my speech very boring. The rate at which I gave my speech was nearly perfect at the beginning and I believe that this was the case because I…

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  • Summary: Diversity In The Classroom

    diversities of learners with in a class room include gender, cultural, language, family, religious, and socioeconomic diversities. Along with these differences, students also have varying learning styles and some may have exceptionalities (Powell, 2015, pp.42-66). All of these factors lead to a diverse learning community. As a teacher it is important to be able to identify and address these diversities, in order to give students the best education possible. Diversity within the classroom…

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  • L. M Montgomery Middle School Case Study

    The benefits of using student choice in this classroom will be twofold; it will give the students overseer ship of their learning and it will make the content more interesting for them. The fact that there are so many more boys than girls in this class means that grouping will have to be very strategic in this respect, as the girls often voice concern when they are the only girl in a given group. Although this may not always be avoidable, extra effort should be made to ensure the girls have a…

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  • Reflection On Learning Styles And Learning Theories

    other and opening the lines of communication. During the exchange Alyssa and I discussed which topics we were interested in and we were both interested in the topic of Learning Styles and Learning Theories, together we decided on researching Learning Styles. (Wiki group 7, 2016) After this Samantha joined our group, offering opinions when needed, and finally James joined thus completing our group. James offered very little assistance and communication within this assessment, and I feel this is…

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  • Four Different Ways Of Learning

    diverse ways, however, some classrooms have not adapted to the multiple ways in which students learn. An example of the ways of learning is what Fleming (1995) recognizes as visual learners, auditory learners, reading and writing as well as students who learn better with kinesthetic techniques. These techniques can be utilized within the classroom to help student retain information better and to allow them to learn comfortably. Many students are able to use all four of Fleming’s (1995) four ways…

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  • Howard Gardner's Theory Of Multiple Intelligences In The Classroom

    first one being verbal/linguistic. This involves learning best through reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Logical/mathematical learners learn best when working with numbers and abstract patterns. According to the text, visual/spatial learners like to work with graphic images, mind mapping, graphic organizers, visualizing, drawing, and exploring the world of color and art (Gregory & Chapman, 2013, p.…

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  • The Importance Of VARK Learning Assessment

    Not many people know there are multiple ways one can learn new information. Not everyone can receive the information the same way and retain it for future use. Some people are visual learners, aural learners, kinesthetic learners, or learn best by reading and writing the information. The VARK Learning assessment was an interesting tool that informed me of the exact type of learner I am. This assessment placed me into the kinesthetic learner group. This explains many issues I had in the past with…

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