Kingdom of Hawaii

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  • Annexation Of Hawaii Essay

    Annexation of Hawaii and the Last Monarch Queen Liliuokalani, the last monarch of the Hawaiian Islands, had to make many difficult decisions during her reign to try to preserve the Hawaiian way of life for the native people. An elite class of American businessmen and landowners had a different idea and were involved in getting a new constitution instituted which removed much of the monarch’s power. Queen Liliuokalani had been born to high ranking chiefs. When she was born she was adopted by Abner Paki and Laura Konai, the granddaughter of King Kamehameha I. She had attended royal school and was fluent in the English language. She then went on to marry John Owen Dominis, who was an American Sea Captains son. Dominis later became the governor…

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  • Waigiki War Memorial And Natatorium Analysis

    Artistic Response to War Project: An Examination of “The Waikiki War Memorial and Natatorium” (632 Words) The Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial is located in Honolulu, Hawaii and was opened on August 24, 1927. The Memorial was the original design of Lewis Hobart. The Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial serves as an artistic response to…

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  • Difference Between Colonial Colonization And Colonialism

    of the colonies, both of them motive the economic, regime to be modern. The difference is that colonization is just to establish a colony, but keep the native people, culture and beliefs. But settler colonialism is that the colonist negates the indigenous people of that place. In my view, settler colonialism is more completely, it uses destroy to replace. Like Hawaii, we can’t see Hawaiian any more, and Hawaii has a completely difference than before. As Dr. Joanne L. Rondilla said in lesson 3,…

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  • Colonialism And Colonization In Hawaii

    when America first went into the kingdom of Hawaii it wasn 't that unheard of. After all the only reason America was founded was because of colonialism. ` When native Hawaiians had their first encounter with Americans, obviously, colonialism was almost inescapable. Colonialism is a system of replacing a group 's way of life forcibly. Usually, enforced with advanced technology from a foreign minority, which is brought upon an indigenous majority. Colonialism invariably will cause people to…

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  • King Kamehameha I: A Great Warrior

    King Kamehameha I King Kamehameha I was a great warrior and a leader. I chose this topic because I would like to know more about the king and know more about what he did to the island and how he did it. King Kamehameha I was born in 1758, Kohala. The sign of his birth, kahuna (priests) claimed, would be a comet, called the Haley’s comet. He was a great warrior, diplomat and leader, united the Hawaiian Islands into one royal kingdom in 1810 after years of conflict. In ancient Hawaii, legends…

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  • Essay On Hawaiian Mele

    Backgrounds In Mele Hawaii is considered one of the most beautiful places on Earth. There are millions of people that visit every year because of its’ magnificent beauty of nature. This can be seen in Hawaiian mele where they talk about the beauty of nature in poems or songs. When looking broadly, it may seem that Hawaiian mele portrays Hawaii as a beautiful. However, when looking closely and narrowly, one can find that there is a hidden and deeper meaning inside the mele. By reading the mele,…

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  • Hawaiian Statehood Research Paper

    helps you remember the great parts of Hawaiian statehood. After all, Hawaii is more than just islands. The Reyn Spooner 2016 Summer Commemorative Shirt What better way to celebrate the great state that is Hawaii than with a shirt depicting those things that set it apart as a state. Granted, there isn 't room enough on one shirt to put everything that makes Hawaii such a tropical wonderland, however, the many elements of Hawaiian statehood are clearly represented in this limited edition Reyn…

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  • Aloha Essay

    Hawaii is nicknamed the “Aloha State”, because Hawaiian people are known for being welcoming and hospitable. “Aloha” means “hello” in Hawaiian. All different kinds of people travel from various parts of the country and the world to visit the Hawaiian Islands. Tourists travel here in order to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and experience the diverse culture and beautiful nature. Hawaii is a unique state that has an enormous amount of diversity from its culture and people to its history and its…

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  • Hawaii Essay

    southwest of the Continental United States, Hawaii is the state that is not part of the North American continent. Composed of many islands, cover about 6,459 square miles, Hawaii is ranked as the 47th largest of the 50 states of America. It’s also known as one of the most famous tourist place of the U.S. There are total of eight main islands: Hawaii, Maui, Kahoolawe, Molokai, Lanai, Oahu, Kauai, and Niihau. Covered by the total area of 4,038 square miles, Hawaii is the largest habitable main…

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  • King Kamehameha The Great Chief

    When Kamehameha was born in 1758, Halley's Comet appeared over the Hawaiian skies. Legend prophesied that a light in the sky with feathers like a bird would signal the birth of a great chief. Kamehameha would grow up to be a strong ruler who succeeds by eliminating all the rival chiefs. Warring clans saw him as a potential threat because Alapa´inui feared he would take away his throne, so Kamehameha had the equivalent of a price on his head from the day he was born. For this reason, the child…

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