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  • As Strong As Mountains Summary

    The book I decided to read was As Strong as Mountains: a Kurdish Cultural Journey, written by Robert L. Brenneman. I wanted to read this book because I did not know any aspects of the Kurdish culture. I enjoy learning about other cultures, and Kurdish is one culture that I had very little knowledge of. In fact, I am not very educated about the cultures within the Middle East in general. This book helped me understand new aspects of the Kurdish culture and their lifestyle. Author Brenneman discusses the culture of the Kurdish people. Brenneman claims that there are three dimensions of the Kurdish culture which include assimilation, nationalism, and the relation to Islam. The Kurdish people are believed to be an ancient ethnic mixture originating from the indigenous people of the region, the Medes, and Iranian. However, due to surrounding countries that attempt to assimilate the Kurdish people, there are many types of Kurds: Turkish, Iraqi, Arabic, and others. The main locations in this book include the protective mountains that Kurdish people frequently reside in during troublesome times, Turkey, and Iraq, but other locations and surrounding countries are mentioned. The mountains are a sacred place; the Kurds feel safe and protected in the villages along the mountains. There are no main characters in this book. Rather, a multitude of families are discussed in order to gain a larger perspective of the Kurdish culture. Some families decide to participate in assimilation and…

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  • Nanospalax Ehrenbergi Ethnographic Analysis

    Zaitoon Ahmed HAMAD1, Yüksel COŞKUN2*, Alaettin KAYA2 1 Dicle University Institute of Science Biology Section, Diyarbakır /Turkey 2 Dicle University Science Faculty, Department of Biology, Diyarbakır/Turkey *Corresponding author Geographical distribution and Karyotype of Nannospalax ehrenbergi (Rodentia, Spalacidae) in Iraq (Kurdistan Region) Abstract The karyological analysis of fifteen mole rats collected in four different localities of North-Iraq (Kurdistan Region).…

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  • The Hood Incident Analysis

    of Turkish Special Forces were forcibly put hoods on their heads and taken out handcuffed. After being taken out of Turkish Special Forces, US soldiers condemned to examine very harshly the headquarters even Turkish flag in the office of Turkish Special Forces unit commander was pulled down by tearing. "American soldiers seized 15 kg of explosives, sniper rifles, grenades and maps of Kirkuk, with circles drawn around positions near the governor's building when they raided Turkish offices in…

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  • Cuneiform Civilization

    The abundance of materials and sources gave Speiser the opportunity to thoroughly research Cuneiform Law and the legal traditions of the historical civilizations. He evaluated and judged the facts he found in early records and legal documents, ancient artifacts, and museums using them to form his argument and effectively support it. A private generational home located in a small town outside of Kirkuk, Iraq yielded an archive of close to a thousand legal documents alone. The records,…

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  • SAMIR Morocco Case Study

    after this period of three months, claims the refiner are repaid, the liquidation may be closed. Pending a final solution, SAMIR trying somehow to revive the refining business. Sources close to the company, the trustee appointed by the court following the judgment of bankruptcy, is preparing to restart production with the aim 200,000 barrels per day (bpd). SAMIR intends to treat the cargo of a tanker (120,000 tons of crude), stuck at the port of Mohammedia since last August, the date of…

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  • Omran Daqneesh: Article Analysis

    with subpar conditions and little access to important opportunities. Children immigrants and refugees are the most overlooked group, but require serious attention, when it comes to policymaking or aid because their formative years of development are spent in a sate of temporary permanence and trauma. Temporary permanence has lasting effects on refugees, and especially children, in refugee camps. These camps are most notably in Turkey, Greece, Syria, and other countries in conflict or near…

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  • Shale Gas Revolution: Article Analysis

    entire global economy”. Additionally, the U.S. isn’t the only country with influential power in the global oil market - because Saudi Arabia serves as a swing supplier in OPEC, it has the potential to leverage price and production fluctuations. This geopolitical shift extends to more than just oil - it will also affect the operation of global sea lanes. Critical shipping lands in the Middle East include the Strait of Hormuz and the Suez Canal; in 2011, an estimated 17 million barrels of crude…

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  • Personal Narrative-Erbil And Operation Iraqi Freedom

    Although I knew that Faris would take the Kirkuk route this time to get Erbil, I just wanted to ask that question to break the early morning silence. Travelling routes between Erbil and Baghdad were few, Baghdad-Kirkuk-Erbil or Baghdad-Mosul-Erbil being the only options. As far as I was concerned, either route was extremely dangerous. Each route had different terrain and peculiarities, yet they shared a similar distance and the fear of hidden and expected attacks. These areas were essentially…

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  • Kurds Case Study

    demonstrated support for the Kurds in Syria in an increasing manner since the rise of ISIL. Through the years entrenched in warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US has had to attempt to constantly adapt the way they conduct warfare. One of the most important lessons learned from these two conflicts is that without a regional/local face, much of the US’s attempts to stabilize the region is viewed as “US imperialism”. As ISIL advanced and erased the border between Iraq and Syria, the US first…

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  • Example Of Groupthink

    Roots of Variance in Negativity Toward Foreign Nationals." This quote shows us that spouses tend to make us more territorial and protective against strangers because we have a family to protect. This next quote demonstrates territorialism on a global level and links it to human nature. Professor of International Security at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, Dr. Wolff said “If it is possible to make any general empirical observation about the outcomes of territorial dispute…

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