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  • The Parker Shotgun Analysis

    Private investigator Kinsey Millhone, an unmarried, licensed, bonded, white woman of age thirty-two from Santa Teresa, California, investigates the homicide of Lisa Osterling’s husband, Rudd Osterling, who was previously a cocaine dealer. She also explores the disappearance of the Parker shotgun, a rare and beautifully crafted shotgun that is no longer produced anymore because the company went out of business. Lisa believes that the police wrote off the murder as a failed attempt at Rudd’s drug dealing, and she is determined to figure out the convict before the birth of her son. Initially, Kinsey heads to the gun shop located on a narrow side street in Colgate to elaborate with the owner, Avery Lamb, about the appraisal he completed on the…

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  • The Role Of Sexuality In The Media

    repressed sexual discourse. Sexuality is seen as taboo and should be avoided at all costs, making it more desirable to talk about and still even less well understood. Should sexual discourse become a more open topic to speak about, these hierarchical values placed upon sexual acts in film would be far less debated, allowing for a more open sexual discourse among parents and their children. Similarly, Kinsey would argue that the ratings system inhibits individuals from experiencing true exposure…

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  • Erlen Gulley And Rose Analysis

    Thomas King 's Medicine River perpetuates the cultural history of homosexual erasure through its depiction of its characters solely in heterosexual relationships. This results in a narrative that constantly depicts men and women as invariably in search of a partner of the opposite sex in order to fulfil a culturally defined model of love and happiness. Sexuality is almost exclusively portrayed in a manner that suggests its purpose is solely to fulfil the requirements of the nuclear family.…

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  • Summary Of Bogle's Hooking Up

    In the book Hooking Up, Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus, the goal Bogle seems to have in mind in her research was to contribute to the growing body of literature on the changing nature of relationships. She pays particular attention to the beginning of a relationship, how it takes root and forms. This entails how individuals find each other, and upon meeting, how they proceed. The beginning stages of relationships varies depending on the time period, and when holding the time period…

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  • Sigmund Freud's Myth Of The Vaginal Orgasm

    criminalization law and its goal is to decrease the stigma around selling sexual services and rather increase stigmatization around buying it in order to gradually abolish demand for sex; and to also provide them with support groups so they can safely quit in hopes to reduce human trafficking and child prostitution. This has not been always successful or beneficial as it makes it harder to sex workers to find clients because the client is the one who gets stigmatized not the worker. According to…

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  • Sexuality Is Socially Constructed Essay

    ‘Sexuality is culturally constructed '. Explain and discuss this statement with reference to studies which explore sexuality in different parts of the world? In this essay I will assess the various cultural views, values, and treatments of sexuality, as well as the power relations connected to them. I will weigh the amount of research done on men against the amount of research done on women and try to explain this difference, in addition to exposing the liberties men are given in expressing…

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  • The Negative Consequences Of Pornography

    Pornography is harmful to relationships, deceptive because it gives unrealistic expectations, and addictive in and of itself. Although it is viewed by many as normal and natural, pornography is dangerous, and more dangerous for adolescents because of their brains’ physical immaturity. Increased normality of pornography and easier access has made it more present than ever. Many view pornography as a normal and natural behavior, however pornography is harmful to relationships, deceptive because it…

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  • Human Sexual Response

    The contemplation of my childhood sex-education brought back many conflicting recollections. I was born in 1966, the year Masters and Johnson wrote their book “called Human Sexual Response, which summarized their research on individuals who readily experienced orgasms during sexual activity” (Matlin, 2012, p. 288). This book was almost as revolutionary as the two volume manuscript called the Kinsey Reports, written by Alfred Kinsey in 1948 and 1953, which attempted to explain the sexual behavior…

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  • Discovering My Sexuality

    Through the years I experienced, ignorance, injustice and discrimination by my family and including at my Pentecostal Church. Probably they didn’t understand or they didn’t want to talk about sexuality, including sexual issues, gender, sexual orientation or sexuality as a multidimensional (Thorson-Smith, p. 232) spectrum. My life and human sexuality were replaced by worship and church, always with spiritual disciplines. Discovering my sexuality changed my whole life affecting my ethics and…

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  • Prostitution, Pornography: The Struggle Between Sexuality And Society

    The concept of sexuality is quite tangible as there are varying layers to an individual which can lead to distinct and new perspectives upon sexual orientations and behaviors. The delicate topics of prostitution, pornography, and sexuality can cause a controversial barrier between society, which can furthermore lead to the destruction of ideal social constructs. In this day and age, societal norms are pushed down the throats of society so when something quite new and out of the ordinary is…

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