Pornography And Prostitution

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The concept of sexuality is quite tangible as there are varying layers to an individual which can lead to distinct and new perspectives upon sexual orientations and behaviors. The delicate topics of prostitution, pornography, and sexuality can cause a controversial barrier between society, which can furthermore lead to the destruction of ideal social constructs. In this day and age, societal norms are pushed down the throats of society so when something quite new and out of the ordinary is perceived, we, as a society, tend to deem it as an unnatural thing. The very controversial topic of pornography may either induce individuals to promote the booming business itself as it creates enormous sums of money yet, others may pronounce pornography …show more content…
Many don’t realize that these sexual workers, commit to this lifestyle to in order to make a living, and essentially survive. In many underdeveloped countries, women are given no freedom whatsoever to work. In order to make a living, prostitutes work under the table and sell their bodies for scraps of food just to make it through each day. With this lifestyle comes many risks that these women have to endure. The women are highly aware of this lifestyle but this is their last resort to make some money, despite the risks, they continue to pursue this career. Cult leaders usually control these low class prostitutes so even then, the money goes to them and the sex workers literally have noy say in any aspect of the business. Cult leaders even lead these poor women into a business of human trafficking and from there, there is no turning back (Macionis). However, for others, prostitution may be the ideal job for them depending on what class of prostitution they label themselves. High class prostitutes are usually given a choice of what kind of clients they want and the amount of money they make as the money goes straight to them rather than a cult leader. They have more control over their work and don’t have to participate in the dirty work that lower class sex workers are forced into. Therefore, there’s both sides when it comes to prostitution, depending on the person and situation, it can either be beneficial or detrimental, it truly depends on the time and

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