Kinship terminology

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  • Mexican American Case Study Essay

    After reviewing the case of Jose the Mexican American, I found that he had been struggling with the following issues. He has been struggling to balance working and going to school and he is torn between having to choose between his religion and getting an education. He feel cut off/out of place from his family because he has become less involved in family activities/rituals and he feels guilty and shameful because he forced his girlfriend to have an abortion. Jose is probably having sexual orientation identity issues because he reported that he does not have an interest in dating women. He is confused and feels isolated. His family issues along with his own personal issues are stressing him. This has led to him being depressed. At the same time, he feels pressured by his family to have a family of his own. Jose I believe is deeply stressed because he is having trouble fulfilling his role of being the breadwinner and taking care of his family (machismo) according to the video by Microtraining Associates (2004). There are certain norms that individuals have to live up to in terms of the family’s eyes and not being able to do this might induce guilt, shame and embarrassment. Jose is 35 years old and the fact that he is a male, puts a lot of pressure on him to successfully take care of his family. His culture stress family loyalty, concerns for others and interdependence according to Microtraining Associates (2004). This would spill over in to taking care of each other. He is…

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  • Gun Violence Effects

    More than 12,000 people die of homicides due to gun violence each year. Gun violence is a form of violence that has the use of a gun. Some forms of gun violence are suicide, intentional homicide, or even domestic abuse. One of the amendments states that you have the right to carry a gun. When a person kills someone they should lose the right to carry a gun. Gun violence can have many effects, especially towards children. Children who are exposed to gun violence later get negative…

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  • Why Women Still Can T Have It All Analysis

    In the article, “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All” by Anne-Marie Slaughter, she blames the current structure of American society for the gender gap. Slaughter uses her personal experience on having a high-profile position in the government as evidence that balancing the responsibilities of a parent and a profession is impossible. Throughout the article Slaughter provides four solutions in order to produce a society that works for women. The first solution is redefining the arc of a successful…

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  • Reflection Of A Family Ministry

    Starting off this class with reading what Family Ministry is defined as opened up my view on how Family Ministry can be diverse in a variety of understanding. Diana Garland stated that “family ministry is any activity that directly or indirectly (1) forms families in the congregation community; (2) increases the Christlikeness of the family relationships of Christians; or (3) equips and supports families for the work to which they are called together.” Earlier in the reading she stated that…

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  • Definition Essay Family

    Family is a world wide word that many people know, but few understand the meaning behind it. Family to me are the people who love me unconditionally as the person I am today. What is family to you? My family are the people who define me as a person, my beliefs and culture are all due to my family’s heritage being passed down throughout our family. Family is a word that has many meanings to many different people. The definition of family is undefinable, to some people family are blood relative to…

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  • Kinship In Anthropology

    The word kinship can be defined in numerous ways, by different cultures. Kinship is when one individual or other individuals are related to each other. The people within a culture decide the behavior of a kin, and provide specific guidelines about who the kin exactly are. People will usually be taught about their culture’s kinship system, when they are infants. Kinship is also associated with reproduction, and the modes of livelihood. (Miller 2011: 118) A kinship diagram is a way to present…

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  • Kinship Chart

    Kinship Report and Kinship Chart Throughout the study of my personal family, I aquired a great amount of knowledge on kinship and descent of my family. I was able to construct a well detailed diagram starting with my grandparents creating a learning path towards the understanding of kinship. I observed my kinship system by learning the descent, the terminologies, the differences in the kinship chart through my fathers and mothers lineage, the parallellism of my kinship diagram if my kinship…

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  • Unfolding In Africa

    of the collective life. In this society societal relations unfold according to a preexisting schema; which is a model behavior that is ideal norm. This chaptered represented this group as actors. And the ones who did not follow the usual behavior or mode and did things that had not ever been heard of or didn’t follow the rules of these “actors” in the country were identified as following an interpersonal norm rather than a societal relationship. In conclusion to this chapter, the political…

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  • Reflection In Life In Hua's 'To Live'

    According to Merriam-Webster, family can be defined as “the basic unit in society consisting of two parents rearing children”(Family). But in reality, family often transcends that definition. Families are people who have strong emotional connections with each other. To Live is a story about a man who experiences many misfortunes. Throughout the story, Fugui realizes how important his family is to him, and once they are all gone he has no choice but to live on without them. Hua uses varying tone…

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  • The Purpose Of Marriage In Albanian Culture

    In Albanian culture the main purpose of marriage is to find someone that is considered respectable throughout the community you associate with (family, close friends) and someone that is able to take care of you. In Albanian culture it is beneficial to marry someone who is successful and hardworking so that type of mentality transfers into the marriage. People see marriage a big part of someone having a successful life. If you do not ever get married then you can not continue your family 's…

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