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  • Anna Quindlen's The C Word In The Hallway

    In the beginning, she states that the doctors “…discover[ed] all the hidden markers that led to the rope, the blade, the gun.” The use of asyndeton in this statement leads the reader to believe that there are more items on this list and that as the numbers of suicides and homicides have grown, so has the methods. Furthermore, in the conclusion, Quindlen offers alternative lives that Kip Kinkel, Sam Manzie and others might have led if there were changes. The allusion of the word “…if only…if only…” emphasizes that things might have been very different for the lives ruined if there had been “…long term intervention and medication.” This also gives an optimistic, yet regretful tone. Lastly, Quindlen concludes her article with an epistrophe. She suggests that “Mental-health care is health care, too, and mental ill is an illness not a character flaw.” She follows that with the repetition of the phrase “act like it”. This repetition is asking for the hospitals, schools and parents to take action so that the kids will start believing that their conditions are not…

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  • Media Violence Essay

    girl for no apparent reason” as stated by in an article written by (Ryan Harris), they want an excuse for why it happened. When one can 't be found, they are quick to blame it on the violent television shows or the video game with the most blood in it or even music with the most foul language and suggestive ideas. Along with another case where people like to blame it on media is a topic that also happened in 1998, In Springfield, Oregon where a boy named Kip Kinkel was accused of shooting and…

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  • Anna Quindlen's Analysis

    Anaphora and epistrophe is used in the ending to further emphasize Anna Quindlen’s argument by tying all of her ideas together in a compelling way. In order to expound the minimal effort that could have been used to change the outcome of the tragedies caused by Kip Kinkel and Sam Manzie, Quindlen uses the phrase “if only” (9) repeatedly. This brings about the theme of the importance of treatment once again as she suggests “if only there had been long-term intervention and medication” (9) and “if…

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  • Suicidal Thoughts Anna Quindlen

    but my hand was already broken and everything by that time, and I couldn 't do it”(Salinger 38, 39). Holden was very depressed when Allie, his little brother passed away which is why he breaks all the windows in his garage, trying to get out all the rage that is inside him. This shows how Holden 's parents lacked on his mental health and did not pay attention for him. Due to the absence of support from his parents, Holden 's thoughts about violence will continue to run through his mind..…

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