Media Violence Essay

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When it comes to Media whether it 's television or music kids are constantly exposed to violence. People nowadays argue that it 's not the media 's fault it 's the parents fault for letting them see it, but what would happen to tv if the show if no one watched?

Things such as video games, movies, and television, are not the only primary causes for a violence acts committed by kids surprisingly enough. They are only singled out due to the violent images which leads parents to believe that since children view these violent scenes they will imitate them for lack of better judgment and or fun. When a kid commits a violent act, the incident is normally blamed on the child or even the show the child saw, or the video game just played. But, if
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This happens because they are a source of violence and many people believe that media violence will cause real life violence. They also blame these sources of media because it seems to be the easiest thing to blame it on, Yes it is the easiest thing to blame the violence on but is always the correct thing to do? Such as when people are shocked by a crime committed by a kid, such as the one crime committed in Chicago in 1998, “where the two boys raped and killed a little girl for no apparent reason” as stated by in an article written by (Ryan Harris), they want an excuse for why it happened. When one can 't be found, they are quick to blame it on the violent television shows or the video game with the most blood in it or even music with the most foul language and suggestive ideas. Along with another case where people like to blame it on media is a topic that also happened in 1998, In Springfield, Oregon where a boy named Kip Kinkel was accused of shooting and killing both parents. Later the next day found going too Thurston High School and shooting up his school. When questioned later that day why he did it, his response was “I am not really sure”, when they did a search of the house they found all sorts of rap music and violent video games laying around the rooms. At the end of the search they drew to the conclusion that his decision was based upon the violence he was experiencing before the incident, whether it was true or not that is the reason they told the judge, on why he did the offense. Kip Kinkle is now sitting in jail for 111 years without the possibility of

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