Violent crime

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  • Violent Crimes: A Case Study

    Violent crimes are offenses which involve force or threat of force, and are categorized into four different groups/categories: murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. The prevalence and seriousness of violent crimes have fluctuated over time according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, however they continue to plague our society. Statistics show a small decline in many violent crimes, e.g. domestic violence, sexual assault, hate crimes, violent crimes at school, etc. but this may be due to non reporting and other factors. Violent crimes are complex and must be handled in skilled and tactful manor to ensure justice for individuals who have been victimized. Guns violence, addiction/drugs,…

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  • Violent Crime 1950-1950

    Violent crime post-1950 period, discuss the changes in the offending patterns and analyses the reasons for the changes. Violent crime started to increase during the period after the war around 1950s and onwards, most likely because people had seen and had been exposed to a lot of violence. Therefore people especially amongst the youth population had problems distinguishing good from bad behaviour. Another factor that contributed to the increase of violent crimes was poverty, those living in…

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  • Why People Commit Violent Crimes

    vicious crime against someone you may or may not know? Needless to say that this is not a new issue that we are currently having to deal with. Violent crimes have been going on for a very long time now, but for what reasons? Some citizens may feel that they fully understand the cause of convicts behaving violently towards each other.…

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  • Violent Crime Or Crime Of Violence

    A violent crime or crime of violence may be a crime within which associate bad person uses or threatens force upon a victim. This entails each crime within which the violent act is that the objective, like murder, furthermore as crimes within which violence is that the suggests that to associate finish. Violent crimes might, or may not, be committed with weapons. reckoning on the jurisdiction, violent crimes might vary from putting to death to harassment. Typically, violent criminals include…

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  • Essay On The Causes Of Violent Crime

    Violent crime has always existed, but it has recently seen an increase of people getting attacked in other counties. Yes, there has been a slight decrease in the United States, but there is an increase of assaults, murders, and robberies in Africa. Governments are spending more to combat this, yet it is doing the opposite. More people are being killed by gang, hate, and drug violence. We should try to increase surveillance, make training better, raising prison time for convicted people, and…

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  • Violent Crime Case Summary

    VIOLENT CRIMES: Fiscal year to date, violent crime in Mid-City had gone down 16%. Murder: There was one reported murders in Mid-City Division this quarter, which is the same amount compared to the same quarter last year. On July 13, 2016 at 0435 hours, Officers responded to the east alley of 3900 Arizona Street to investigate a report of a male who had just assaulted a female. The male was traveling on his bicycle and struck the female in the back of the head as he rode by. The female…

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  • Volunteerism And The Decline Of Violent Crime

    police could increase voluntary community involvement with preventing crime. Warren Friedman, author of the 1998 article “Volunteerism and the Decline of Violent Crime” talks of some concept that come about when the communities are actively involved in criem prevention that are still relevant even 18 years after he wrote this article. Friedman claims that having groups of citizens in a community volunteer to look out for crimes that affect them not only “forces police to pay attention”, but also…

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  • Video Games And Violent Crimes

    There are many crimes occurring in the present time. One of them is the crime committed by teenagers. Most of the time, it is assumed that youth crime is influenced by video games which sometimes contain violent and brutal contents. As juveniles in this generation are easier to reach video games than the past generation because of the development of technologies, video games are often blamed that violent scenes motivates the aggressive behavior in youths. The news often reports this assumption…

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  • Violent Crimes: The Cause Of Gang Violence

    According to the National Gang Center (2012), Nearly 50% of all reported gang crimes between 2011 and 2012 were that of the violent nature (National Gang Center, 2012). And some of these violent acts involved innovent bystanders. A major issue with living in gang communites is the chance of getting mistaken for a gang member and paying with your life for it. An example of this being the violent war between Norteños and Soreños in modesto California back in 2007. According to The Modesto Bee…

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  • Who Is To Blame For Violent Crimes

    In the last years our news media has been bombarding us with reports of crimes of our youth. We have had teens walking into schools and movie theaters going on shooting rampages. We have watched helplessly while kids that are not old enough to vote, use shotguns and automatic rifles with precision and accuracy. We have tried to find someone to place the blame of these horrific crimes. It is easy to blame the parents for not rearing the children correctly. We do not look at the fact that the…

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