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  • Identity Theft

    Identity Theft, a Real Issue. In recent years, the technological revolution has allowed humans to simplify their daily life. And that is almost because of the discovery and the improvement of the internet. In fact, previously, people had to fulfill a number of tasks to accomplish a particular duty. For instance, to buy clothes, food, or to book concert tickets, they had to go to the place of sale to get served, even though the distance was far away. But today, it’s no longer necessary. With just a simple click, all our orders can be placed online. Using online payment functions, financial transactions become increasingly easier. People may also receive important messages from their friends, acquaintances, or from other professional fields directly…

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  • Auto Thefts

    searched journals and websites for material on the research involving auto thefts, I found very few articles. In fact, according to one author, motor vehicle thefts are the number one under-researched part one crime (Jeffrey Walsh, 2007). In this same article studies indicate auto thefts are linked to community structure, instability and surrounding crime (Jeffrey Walsh, 2007). The author theorizes the reason for the lack of research is the crime itself creates little effect on most victims.…

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  • The Consequences Of Identity Theft

    the values of a society, maintain order among the population, and protect citizens from being abused and harmed by dangerous criminals. However, recent technological trends have required the government to address the intensifying problem of identity theft. Because identity theft has become prevalent throughout the US society, many legal and criminal justice scholars have articulated the different types of identity theft and the consequences that the victims and offenders often experience.…

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  • Identity Theft Definition

    Definition of Identity Theft The National Crime Victimization Survey stated that, “there is no one universally accepted definition of identity theft as the term describes a variety of illegal acts involving theft or misuse of personal information” (As cited in Copes and Vieraitis, 2012). Therby, a commonly accepted definition of identity theft is known as the unlawful use, or possession, of someone else’s personal identifying information, which, can result in a criminal charge. Personally…

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  • Identity Theft Protection

    Identity Theft Protection by IFSM 201 Feb 25, 2015 According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) “… a stolen identity is a powerful cloak of anonymity for criminals and terrorists…and a danger to national security and private citizens alike…” (Identity Theft, 2010). Identity theft has been for many years the number one growing crime across America. According to the Bureau of Justice and Statistics (BJS) 16.6 million people were victims of Identity theft in 2012, with…

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  • Cyber Theft Research Paper

    The technological advance that is moving us towards a more globalized society, is computers. Computers have had a significant impact on globalizing the world. There are many benefits of computers such as communication and helping improve medical science. At the same time, there are many potential negative impacts such as cyber theft and loss of jobs. Overall, I believe the positives of computers far outweigh the negative impacts of computers. First of all, computers have had a huge…

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  • Identity Theft Speech

    my pay cheque for months. After some time-consuming effort, I realised the only explanation for the insufficient funds is that I have been a victim of identity theft. Identity theft and fraud both interchangeable terms refer to the crime in which someone…

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  • Theft, Cap 63 Of The Laws Of Kenya

    Theft According to Cap 63 section 267, it includes any inanimate thing, movable and capable of being stolen including animals. Under section 268(1), stealing is whereby a person who fraudulently and without claim of right takes anything capable of being stolen, or fraudulently converts to the use of any person other than general or special owner, is said to have stolen. The elements of are as follows: 1. Appropriation that involves trespassory taking and carrying away OR fraudulent…

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  • Identity Theft Research Paper

    In criminalistics of computer forensics class I have learned all types of crimes from auction fraud, credit card fraud, cellular fraud and my absolute favorite topic which is identity theft. Everyone probably doesn’t think that identity theft is a real crime. Believe it or not identity theft is one of the topic crimes in America today. Identity theft is often in the news. It is sad because someone will profit off of another loses. Identity theft is where the illegal use of someone else 's…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Identity Theft

    Discussion Though identity theft is mostly viewed on the negative side, there are also positive impacts of identity theft. To an individual, it may not be much of a benefit since the emotional suffering may be more than one can handle. An individual can gain favors from an institution that lead to the identity theft. An example is where a customer of a certain bank deposits cash for safekeeping. As a normal customer of the bank, withdrawals and deposits as well as carrying out payments using…

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