Theft In The Workplace

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Theft in anyway has always been unethical in any human environment. Employee theft especially can have a huge effect on any business, corporation, establishment, etc. Theft acts as a cost directly incurred by an organization, employees playing the key variable in theft, can steal money, products or time. Theft can occur at any level of a business from the cashier that is still in high school to the CEO of the company. Theft is something a business wants to diminish as much as possible, throughout this discussion I will expose the effects employee theft has on a company, shoppers, and why stealing is unethical.

To begin, after reading the article U.S. retail workers No. 1... in employee stealing, according to this article employees account for 43% of lost revenue in the United States compared to 28% globally. Altogether according to the Global Retail Theft Barometer U.S. retailers spend approximately 42 billion dollars a year made up of missing goods from shoplifting and other causes. So that means about 18 billion of those dollars come from these retailers employees. For shoppers because of the amount of stolen product shoppers will pay almost $403.00 per household more annually. That number will increase with the
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can reduce employee theft is one, effective pre-employment screening of employees and be certain they have no history of stealing or other harmful characteristics that can effect a business. Also retailers can monitor their employees in a better way with secret shoppers, cameras, and good communication between other employees. There is no reason to steal from am employer and employers should take employee theft seriously with automatic termination of any employee who is caught. It is unethical to steal in anyway and morally wrong as well, with a better learning of the effect employee theft can have on a business you will see businesses take a more pro-active approach to stopping

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