Credit card fraud

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  • Credit Card Fraud Case Study

    3.1 Introduction Fraud is one of the most crucial ethical concerns in the credit card industry (Delamaire, Abdon, & Pointon, 2009). Fraud can occur with any type of credit products, such as personal loans, home loans, and in retails. Delamaire, Abdon, & Pointon (2009) defines fraud as means of obtaining services, goods and/or money in a dishonorable manner, and is a growing problem globally. Fraud deals with issues concerning criminal cases that are difficult to classify (Delamaire, Abdon, & Pointon, 2009). According to Bertke (2013) fraudsters have long posed a threat to perform fraudulent activities in retail outlets and the rise of mobile devices and other technologies are now serving as a gateway for fraudsters looking to take advantage…

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  • Credit Card Fraud Research Paper

    Credit cards are becoming truly popular in today 's society; therefore, the avenue for criminals to take advantage is great and more criminals are creating ingenious ways to take a part of this industry. Criminals are awaiting to find a small window to interact and send attacks to business organizations such as retail stores that store consumers ' data into a secure database. Attacks will continue to affect society and organizations are losing billions of dollars trough these types of attacks.…

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  • Credit Card Companies: Argument Against Fraud

    many advantages credit cards have is protection, especially against fraud. Fraud happens when a person least expect it and catches them off guard. Credit card companies protect themselves by often asking cardholders to identify themselves. Arno A. Penzias states that Cardholders must verify purchases, and present some form of verification, therefore, the card knows that the correct cardholder has bought that item. This shows that there are security measures and steps the buyer goes through…

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  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Credit Cards

    and new technology that will reduce fraud risk is on the horizon for consumer credit cards. Credit and debit cards have long been an easy target for those wishing to commit fraud, both online and in physical settings. These acts of fraud have caused large financial losses for banks and credit card companies; in fact, “credit card fraud costs banks millions of pounds each year,” (Wakefield, 2016). So, these institutions are always looking for ways to reduce risk with credit cards. A new…

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  • Data Mining Essay

    fall” (Sweetlin Hemalatha, 2013). The compromise that family members have to deal with is the idea of their loved one constantly being monitored. Besides saving peoples’ lives, Data Mining can also save their money. Businesses are using loyalty cards to voluntarily collect information on customers. These data tend to range from family size, dietary choices, location, and other shopping habits. Businesses are using data mining techniques to help with inventory, distribution, and customer…

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  • Carjacking Is The Violent Form Of Motor Vehicle Theft

    Carjacking Facts Robbery Prevention Advice Carjacking is Robbery Carjacking is the violent form of motor vehicle theft. It is a serious threat to our personal safety because the thief uses force and fear to rob our car from us. Sometimes the car owner or other occupants are kidnapped during a carjacking, and if lucky will be dropped off nearby unharmed. The worst case scenario occurs when you are transported to a secondary crime scene, which is usually more dangerous than the original…

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  • Cyber-Safety Regarding Identity Theft

    obtains key pieces of personal information, such as Social Security or driver 's license numbers without that person’s knowledge or permission, to get a benefit or to cause harm. • An identity thief takes on another person’s identity by using their personal information, which includes the person’s name, address, date of birth and email and social media log-in details. It is illegal to: • Have possession of someone else’s personal information with the intention of committing a crime. • Make,…

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  • Credit Cards In America

    culture, and the introduction of credit cards revolutionized the way consumers could fulfill the “American Dream.” History of Credit Cards in America The concept of credit has been around for centuries; however the history…

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  • Visa Inc. Research Paper

    issues debit and credit cards but it does not extend credit or sets charges for the consumers. It only caters to the needs of financial institutions regarding VISA-branded payment products which are used by the institutions to offer cash access programmes and cashless transaction programmes to their customers. The global network of Visa transactions is also called VisaNet that had processed more than 100 billion transactions worldwide of more than $6.8 trillion. It operates in more than 200…

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  • Internet Banking Security

    that people have developed is the online banking system. In the past, people had to stay in line to talk to an employee to get cash. Then ATMs and credit cardes appeared to help people get cash. Nowadays, people don’t have to go to the bank. They can get almost every banking service via online banking.…

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