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  • Indian Credit Rating Agency Case Study

    in a credit rating agency. • To study the infrastructure portfolio size of the banks in Chennai 2. CREDIT RATING AGENCIES IN INDIA &TRAINING ORGANISATION 2.1 Indian Credit Rating agencies- The beginning Birth of the rating agencies in India The idea of behind the rating agency was evolved in 1986 with the help of Pradip Shah, an HDFC employee and also an Harvard graduate suggested the idea of the credit rating agency to Nadkarni chairman of IFCI (Industrial Finance Corporation of India), but later he was moved to IDBI. Shah described the concept to Vaghul , head of the ICIC bank. As the result, on January 1st, 1988. India’s first credit rating agency Crisil came into existence…

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  • Case Study: Equity And Ebt Investment

    ASSIGNMENT # 3- EQUITY AND DEBT INVESTMENT INSTRUMENTS As part of our assignment, we were required to take into consideration the scenario that we have funds of up to Rs. 20 million, which must be invested in both equity and debt investment instruments. For our equity instruments, we decided to invest in three cement companies: Lucky Cement, D.G. Cement, and Attock Cement. For our debt instruments, we decided to invest in Standard Chartered Bank of Pakistan and Engro Corporation LTD. After…

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  • Gfc Case Study

    In fact, 99% of the income of these entities was not come from the budget of creditors but instead from that of investment banking, there are perverse incentives for not providing accurate ratings. On that account, should CRAs provide investment banks with lower credit rating; they, the investment banks, can and will loiter around other agency who could give them a more buoyant rating. Thence, CRAs with the fear of loosing their attraction, will bias towards a more optimistic rating hence…

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  • Li And Zhou's Argument Analysis

    “…composed of financial sovereign status, financial sovereign authority, and financial sovereign capability.”(Li and Zhou, p. 178). Sovereign status, being based on the recognition and consent of other states, should not be affected by globalization of financial capitalism, leaving the other two components from Li and Zhou: financial authority and capability to be impacted. Status aside, a state’s ability to manage its own monetary policies are crucial for maintenance of its economic policy.…

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  • Diageo Case Study

    However, it does not take into account some factors the potential conflict of interest problems between management, debt holders and shareholders. Debt increases expected return and risk to owners and as agency costs can arise, they should ideally be incorporated in the forecasts. The potential future acquisitions, although part of Diageo’s strategy, are also missing from the picture. Furthermore, the text says that "A distress condition imposed a one-time permanent 20% reduction in the value of…

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  • Massey Energy Case Study

    Certain homebuyers purchased homes that they knew they couldn't afford. They knew the amount of money they were bringing in a month couldn't sustain the addition of a mortgage. Mortgage lenders many loans to people with poor credit and total disregard of whether the party could pay the loan back. The lenders saw cash in their eyes with little risk, so they did as any other unethical company would do. Policymakers wanted individuals to take advantage of policies that would help home ownership…

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  • Importance Of Asymmetric Information In The Financial Market

    information is far from perfect in financial market compared to other markets. Asymmetric information can occur between credit suppliers and credit demanders.…

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  • The Eurozone: The European Sovereign Debt Crisis

    the Eurozone? The sovereign debt crisis has spilled over to the banks, which increases the credit risk exposure of the banks. It is necessary for us to understand how the crisis impacts banks’ exposure and what are the reactions of the banks with respect to their capital provision. Finally, what those policymakers within the region or around the world do in order to underpin European and global financial stability? Background of the EU sovereign debt crisis. External reasons Subprime mortgage…

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  • Office Products Depot Case Study

    Office Products Depot offers credit to a lot of their customers, as only 3% of their sales are cash. This means that allowing customers to purchase on credit greatly increase sales and therefore profits, that is, only when the customers pay them for their goods. Therefore, when offering credit to its customers, Office Products Depot first checks the credit rating of the customer to identify if the customer will pay for goods they have purchased, and if they are likely to get their payment. This…

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  • Protected Trust Deed

    yourself can be more difficult and stressful, but it means you 're in control and it won 't cost you any money. Make sure you think carefully about which option you 'd prefer. Do you object to paying a fee? Some debt solutions require you to pay a fee. This is often included in your regular payments, and some fees can be waived or reduced depending on your circumstances. However, this isn 't always the case. Often the fees are added to your monthly payments, but this can mean you 'll take longer…

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