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  • Cree Tribe

    The Cree is one of the largest of the largest groups in North America, with over 200,000 members and counting. Canada has over 135 registered bands. Intertribal marriage is to be blamed for such a large population. The language they speak is known as Algonquian, a subfamily of Native American languages. The Cree are tied together through their culture and that is of great significance to them and has survived through many years and hardships. At a time, the Cree were also found in the United States. They were located in Montana, northern Minnesota, and even North Dakota. The American Cree are in the federally recognized Chippewa Cree tribe, you can find in on the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation. The limits going south for the Cree located in Montana. It stopped at the Missouri River and the Milk River. The Cree spreaded across the North America. It originally migrated from the Subartic region of Canada and to the Great Plains and the Northeast woodlands. The Cree are divided into eight different groups, depending on patois and region. They are known as the sub-groups. Some of the groups are languages and some are groups of Cree Indians. The languages are much different due to the way the vowels are pronounced. Some are very similar languages and some have major differences. To this day,…

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  • The Narrator In Joseph Boyden's Three Day Road

    story. To start, Niska tells stories of growing up in the bush. She gives accounts of family life; her father was a prominent “hookimaw (44)”, or leader, and “the last great talker in the clan (34)”, and her mother knew and taught her the ‘magic deep in the bush (90).’ The clan lived off the land, relying on hunting and community for survival. These accounts set the foundation for both Niska and Xavier’s cultural background. Stories of Niska’s young clan life give the reader a sense of how…

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  • The James Bay Cree Society

    the James Bay Cree society have encountered numerous tribulations through the course of their lives. Adaptations to the Cree lifestyle have been made for the compromise of the government of Quebec. However, the Cree has fought to keep their way of life, of living off the land’s resources by protesting against projects put in place by Quebec’s government, such as plans to increase profits from the production of hydroelectricity. Furthermore, the Cree has been successful in generating agreements…

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  • James Smith Cree Nation Analysis

    “As long as the sun shines, the grass flows and the rivers flow” (jamessmithcreenation, n.d.). With over two hundred thousand members living in Canada, the Cree are one of the largest groups of First Nations in Canada and in North America. The James Smith Cree Nation is a diversion of the Cree Nation; a Cree First Nation band government. An agreement between band governments of First Nations at Fort Carlton over owned territory; current provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta (Postl et al. 2010).…

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  • Summary Of Canoeing With The Cree By Eric Sevareid

    I read the book Canoeing With the Cree by Eric Sevareid. This book is about two young men named Eric Sevareid and Walter Port. These men were best friends in high school. They decided to seek an adventure that summer by doing something that has never been done before. This was the first time an all-water trip had ever been made from Minnesota to the North Atlantic Ocean. Their plan was to start in Minneapolis and go to York Factory at the Hudson Bay. They canoed up the Minnesota River and its…

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  • Aboriginal Struggles

    municipality would vote for her in the subsequent federal election. Although Crystal wanted the same end goal as the local municipality, she wanted it for different reasons. In other words, Ms. Parks needed an approach for her next campaign, and she was willing to use the Indigenous population of Otter Lake as a pawn to do so. However, regardless of the government’s distasteful intentions, Maggie was able to purchase every last acre of said land. All things considered, it becomes a fact that…

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  • Evidence Of Cultural Preservation

    Evidence of cultural preservation is hard to perceive in the daily life of an American, especially when being compared to The Cree. The Cree prioritize cultural preservation because it is essential to their survival. Before thirty years ago, Cree children were taught through cultural transmission or cultural learning rather than attending traditional schools like an American. They were taught respect for the land and “to survive by living in harmony with nature… to live off what the land and…

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  • Character Analysis: The Mountain Legend

    The Mountain Legend Pg 52 Q 1 Responding to the story a.) Would you describe Jason as courageous? Give reasons for your opinion. Yes, I would describe Jason as courageous because he risked his life knowing the consequences because he wanted to prove that he was Cree and can be a warrior. He knew that it was dangerous and he didn’t even have much knowledge about being a part of the Cree heritage but he already wanted to prove that he could become a warrior. He mainly did it because of the…

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  • My Tribe The Crees Analysis

    Introduction Culture is an influental aspect in the lives of those that identify with it, shaping the views, beliefs, and values of the people. How these knowledge systems are shared is another thing. Many cultures, such as that of the Cree people, depend on oral tradition to share most teachings. In the society we know today, various methods have risen allowing for a myriad of people to be exposed. One way that knowledge can be shared is through literature. The books My Tribe the Crees by…

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  • Three Day Road Summary

    The reader sees that Xavier and Elijah have killed many buffalo, however this can still be contrasted to the extermination of the forest animals by the Hudson’s Bay Company. Niska describes this desire and how it “[has] instilled in the Cree a greed for furs that nearly wiped out the animals” (Boyden 90). The syntax and amount of detail used in the two passages, create a juxtaposition between the hunts: the description of Xavier and Elijah’s hunt is well developed, whereas the Company’s hunt is…

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