Creedence Clearwater Revival

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  • Protest Music In The 1960's

    He wrote some of the first popular anti-war songs of that era, songs like Blowin’ In The Wind and Masters of War in 1962. Some protest songs fit into different categories, songs like Say It Loud: I’m Black and I’m Proud (that’s chorus was sang by multiracial children,) and A Change Is Gonna Come were based off and protested against racism and were important during the Civil Rights Movement of the sixties. Another category was women’s rights with songs like the hit by Aretha Franklin, Respect. Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival was in support of the troops and protested drafting. The lead singer of the band believed some men could avoid being drafted due to Richard Nixon perhaps favoring an important parental figure. Two popular anthems or sing-alongs that riled up crowds were Give Peace A Chance weak support of the war and, of course, the protests and riots against it. Music became incorporated into and involved in said things quickly and…

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  • Academic Convocation Center Descriptive Essay

    crowds are preoccupied with their destinations, the socialization with their friends whether it be on the phone or in person, and within themselves to even see two girls observing their actions. When realizing that the gym is merely a passing place for the busy, it goes without saying that various sounds linger with these people. Sitting on the concrete bench, the loud, buzzing, engines of the golf carts are audible even as they drive off into the distance as it becomes a faint hum. If it isn’t…

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  • America Through Hardship Essay

    The first example of this is from the Great Depression when the Bonus Expeditionary Army assembled and camped in front of the U.S. capitol in Washington, D.C. asking for an early repayment for their services in WWI under the World War Adjusted Compensation Act. Faced with the harsh reality during the Great Depression, these WWI veterans desperately needed their money and resorted to a protest. A second example is during the Vietnam War when the counterculture of the 1960s began. Many Americans…

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  • Henry Hobson Richardson: The Revival Of Ancient Architecture

    When the Industrial Revolution started, it resulted in the world changing at a high pace. So, the people started to desire a simpler, and a more stable time. That’s when the revival of ancient architecture started to form. Each type of revival style was associated with a specific architect, for instance, A.W.N. Pugin was England’s leading Gothic revivalist. The revivals of the ancient architecture influenced the architectural designs of many architects of the time. Two of the most noted…

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  • Native American Culture Architecture Analysis

    100 years before Columbus took a voyage to America, there were several metropolitan areas home to the Native American population. These areas could hold up to twenty thousand people, a huge populated area in this period of time. The coming of Columbus was the forefront for the immigration and settling of Europeans who followed in Columbus’s footsteps. The people of Europe saw opportunity in America, almost a blank canvas as they could express the culture originated from their homeland and infuse…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Decision To Follow God

    Who would have ever thought in a million years that I, Bridgett Fifer would be speaking to people about the goodness of God? Although I was raised in the church, I did not always comply with the rules and regulations of the church or listen to God. God has a way of using our adversities and life experiences to bring us back to him. We are given the choice; choose you this day whom you will serve. For many years I chose the worlds way. It wasn’t until I had a Job experience that I found myself…

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  • Colonial Houses In Colonial America

    In the south as the colonies grew wealthy landowners started building large farms called plantations. In the houses, there were many rooms including a separate living room and dining room. By this time they had glass windows, multiple fireplaces, and plenty of furniture. Lots of their houses were built in a style that reflected the architecture of the owner's homeland. There were german, dutch, Spanish, and English colonial styles built in many different regions. The log cabins were a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Outlook On Christianity

    I was standing in the middle of the hall at Church on the Rock in Toronto, Canada, a completely foreign environment where I knew no one other than my father who stood beside me throughout a religious experience that has in some sense, changed my outlook on Christianity. From a young age my father had instilled the importance of faith within our household, motivating my family and I to attend church every Sunday and most importantly, to read the Bible and apply the principles to our daily life.…

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  • Architect's Dream Analysis

    after death. The next structure is a temple with Egyptian lotus capitals, which serves to contrast with the Ionic and Doric columns of the Greek temple next to it. These structures are juxtaposed to show architectural progress or change over time. Cole depicted Greek columns in particular because he believed "Roman architecture is but depraved Greek. The forms are borrowed but the spirit was lost and it became more and more rude until it sank to the uncouth incongruities of what are called the…

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  • The Importance Of A Second Ice Age

    I’m finally home. It has been a difficult week at work and it is nice to feel the long shag carpet between my toes when I walk into my living room. That and the light blue walls are warm and inviting. Give me five minutes in my well-worn easy chair and all the stress of work will be a distant memory. As I was relaxing and flipping through the TV channels I saw that a volcano near my house may erupt. Not only is it going to erupt, but it is predicted to be so big it may bring another ice…

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