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  • The Art Of Cremation

    Though the idea of cremation was initially controversial and political in nature, it has increased in popularity as more people want to keep their loved ones close to them. Many people choose to do this by having an object created from their loved ones ashes. One of the first people to patent objects made with cremation ashes was Albert Vanderlaan. His main idea was that “men of genius” (Vanderlaan 1927:1) could be memorialized with plaques mixed with their own ashes and be remembered forever instead of wasting away in a cemetery with a headstone that would weather until no one could read it. Vanderlaan also included a caveat in his patent that states that his “invention is not limited to the use of clay nor to the formation of plaques . .…

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  • The Benefits Of Green Cremation

    Have you ever thought about how you were going to be preserved when you died? When most people think about death (and its usually never in their 20’s or 30’s) they think about the two biggest options. cremation or burial (thinking those are the only 2 options). However, there are many options other than cremation or burial in a mosque or in a coffin in the ground, there are also burial types that are considered as green burials. A green burial also known as a natural burial is a burial type…

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  • The Cremation Of Sam Mcgee Analysis

    The Cremation Of Sam McGee was written by Robert Service and published in 1907. Robert Service was living in the Yukon during the 1896 gold rush when the wrote “The Cremation Of Sam McGee” and the poem was published 1907. The first stanza of the poem stages a setting for the piece. The speaker makes it very clear that the poem takes place where the sun shines all day and all night, where men work very hard in search of gold. In this first stanza, the speaker addressing that this is a place…

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  • The Migration Of Anglo Saxons

    construction of the burial and the elaborateness of the dress fastenings and the range or other objects buried with the individual. During their rein, Anglo-Saxons performed a great range of elaborate burial practices that portrayed their ways of life, stemming from Cremation and inhumation. Before the Christian missionaries influence began to spread through Europe and particularly to the Anglo-Saxon groups, Cremation was one of the simplest and most popular burial practices. Anglo-Saxons…

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  • Anglo Saxon Burial

    main types of graves dating the 15th and 16th AD of cremation and inhumation (Williams, 2005). It allows archaeologist to possibly recreate the insights behind each individual (Williams, 2005). Therefore, archeologists are pushed to view the human remains in their natural habitat inhibited by mortuary technology and artefacts found alongside the remains (Williams, 2005). The author suggests the materialistic aspect of the culture to humans’ remains in death, material culture and social memory…

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  • The Importance Of Burial Rituals In Beowulf

    century, the burial methods change to suit the traditional Catholic burial. The two most common burials during the Anglo-Saxon period were cremation and burial. The goal of performing a cremation in the Anglo- Saxon culture was to “pass on” the person’s spirit from their body to the afterlife. Most of the time, cremations were performed in public to generate a relationship between the living and deceased. Many arguments about how the body was burned vary in some way relating to the materials…

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  • Natural Burial Movement

    recycled papers and fibers. (1) Another way is to be laid to rest in a wicker casket. Over time wicker decomposes acting as a natural casket. Equally important is an alternative to the normal cremation process is a process called “Bio Cremation”. This is a gentle, eco-friendly alternative to the normal flame based cremation. (6) This process involves water and potassium hydroxide to decompose the body where all that remains is bone ash. (6) The corpse is placed in a pressurized stainless steel…

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  • Death In The Odyssey

    their deathbed is when alive, but instead, describes the way things are after the departure of the deceased and the difference that the deceased absence makes. Death by itself is a living experience of people left behind, and the person who died survived in the loved ones mind through the deceased absence. Mourning, or terminologically marked as “lamenting”, is an expression of sadness through melodic contact with the decrease and the world of the deceased. Bereavement and mourning…

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  • Essay On Japan Funerals

    to mourn over loved ones that have been lost. The way people handle deaths and funerals are varied throughout different cultures. In Japan, a funeral includes a wake, the cremation of the deceased, a burial in a family grave, and a periodic memorial service. Japan has two major religions in their culture: Buddhism and Shintoism (Nelson). Shintoism is the positive aspects of life; for example, getting married, childbirth, birthdays, etc. are good thing in life. Buddhism is for more of the darker…

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  • Mound 5 In The Burial Site

    Rebelling against Christianity, some Anglo-Saxons responded by “….indulging in ever more elaborate ritual. Cremation was adopted…” (“AD 700- Sutton Hoo”). Most unusual is Mound 5 in the Sutton Hoo excavation site. Several bodies were buried in distorted positions, some with their hands behind their backs, face down, or decapitated with the head placed by the hand or knee (Kerr). This indicates potential human sacrifice, especially since Mound 5 is the resting place of a high ranking person. It…

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