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  • The Pros And Cons Of Credit Unions

    money from a commercial bank to a credit union where they can get lower rates and more security. By switching, individuals are joining, “a nonprofit-making money cooperative whose members can borrow from pooled deposits at low interest rates” (Oxford). This type of community-owned business provides many benefits to its members, but if unions are so great, then why are more people not apart of one? As a young adult it has become clear that my generation’s decisions can embrace or harm existing businesses’ futures. Therefore, after researching the benefits and drawbacks of credit unions, I have identified three areas of weakness in the current credit unions business: credit unions are not as accessible nationwide as banks, many Americans do not know what credit unions are or how…

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  • Core Credit Union Case

    Discussion Points 1. To what extent are CORE Credit Union’s networks as converged? Identify and briefly describe additional network convergence opportunities. A1. The Core Credit Union initially used traditional methods of financial transactions. Credit Unions provide financial services to clients like Banks but they are cooperatives and non-profit organizations unlike is in existence since four decades and the versatility of Information Technology contributed a major chunk in the…

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  • Triangle Credit Union Case Summary

    I. Issue- Can Terminix substantiate assignment of error of holder of due course in the appeal case against Triangle Credit Union? II. Rule- Holder in due course is someone who has received a negotiable instrument in good faith and without notice that it is overdue, that there is any prior claim, or that there is a defect in the title of the person who negotiated it. III. Application of Facts- On January 23, 2017, Terminix filed a notice of appeal against Triangle Credit Union from the case…

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  • Community Credit Union Case Study

    1. Review the discussion of the process used by Community Credit Union to establish a “prime member” program. Outline the pro- and con- arguments for your organization creating such a program. If the advantages outweigh any disadvantages, what could your organization do to provide special benefits to its best customers? Map out a process for creating such a “prime customer” program. Be sure to identify I have an auto sales and service business. The ‘prime member’ program is a very rewarding…

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  • American Eagle Credit Union Atmosphere Analysis

    Since the beginning of currency’s existence, people have centered around the use of financial institutions to allow them to comfortably handle their money in a safe and secure manner. At American Eagle Credit Union, located at the Butler Hill Rd and Tesson Ferry Rd, crossing the overall atmosphere can be defined through how people use their senses to get an overall feeling of their environment. The senses most relevant and influential to the banking atmosphere are what is seen, what you can…

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  • Management Case Study: Advia Credit Union

    Analysis Advia Credit Union (formerly First Community Federal Credit Union) was a strong financial institution at the time new leadership came on board in 2005. It was the role of the new CEO and leader, Cheryl DeBoer, to determine the strategic direction, vision of the credit union, to meet the mission of the organization. Understanding the current position of the credit union, in terms of current growth strategies, organizational capabilities and the mission were critical. It was at that…

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  • XYZ Credit Union/Bank Case Study

    The provided scenario pertains to the XYZ Credit Union/Bank. The issues or risks that could or would be faced by the XYZ Credit Union/Bank starts with the fact it must meet the government mandated compliance with Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA). The major aspect of GLBA is the security of customer data, which incudes the confidentiality and integrity of the customer data. The confidentiality and integrity of customer data should be controlled by the level of access provided to each employee.…

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  • Case Analysis Of Hbc And Mcdonalds

    HSBC’s vision statement: “We aspire to be one of the world’s great specialist banking groups driven by commitment to our core philosophes and values”; HSBS’s mission statement is ”Through an intentional network linked by advanced technology, including a rapidly growing e-commerce capability; HSBC provides a comprehensive rage of financial services; personal financial services; commercial banking; corporate, investment banking and markets; banking; and other activities.” Their mission statement…

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  • Impact Of Information Security In Banking

    and at any time, internet banking provides high level of availability for users. Security is one of the main issue when adopting the internet banking. Internet banking vulnerabilities includes as the rejection of services, loss of integrity, data breach, losing customers ' personal information, virus attacks, and credit card…

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  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Banking

    internet Banking or electronic Banking (eBank), connects the consumers to the bank 's internet site through a browser as the means of conducting and managing various banking activities. It is noteworthy to mention that the banks are not restricted to exist exclusively online or to have a physical site; rather they can be any of the two or the combination of both. There are banks that have no physical sites, e.g. Telebank in Arlington, Virginia, while some banks like Bank of America, exist both…

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