Identity Theft Case

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This case involves the suspects accessing the victim’s bank account, by unknown means and stealing US currency in violation of PC 530.5(a)-Identity Theft.

This incident occurred at the Bank of America, located at 880 E. Colorado Boulevard.

LOSS: $400.00 in US currency.




On 06-12-17 at 2018 hours, I was dispatched to the Pasadena Police Station regarding an identity theft investigation. Upon my arrival, I met with Victim Jorge Manuel Plank, who advised me of the following information in summary:

On 06-03-17 at about 2300 hours, Plank drove to the above Bank of America in order to use the ATM. Upon Plank’s arrival he saw a female White or Hispanic (Suspect #2) standing
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Suspect #2 was wearing a white T-shirt and dark pants, NFD. Plank believes he would not be able to recognize Suspect #2 if seen again.

On 06-05-17 during the morning, Plank contacted a representative from his Visa Debit Card (1-866-692-9374) to check the status of his account. Plank asked the representative if there were any suspicious activities with his account. The representative asked Plank he used his debit card on 06-03-17 at approximately 2300 hours to make a $400.00 withdrawal and check his account balance two times.

Plank advised the representative he did not make a $400.00 withdrawal but did check his account balance twice on 06-03-17. The representative recommended that Plank file a police report in order to begin an internal investigation for his loss. Plank did not recall or write down the Bank representative’s name.

Plank stated he did not give anyone permission to withdrawal funds from his banking account and is desirous of prosecution.

I telephoned the Bank of America located at 880 E. Colorado Boulevard for the ATM video footage. The bank was closed for the day. DISPOSITION:
Case to

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