Theodosius II

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  • Summary: The Effects Of The Third Ecumenical Council

    the Council of Constantinople, was required. The Council of Nicaea condemned Arius, a man who claimed that the nature of Christ was finite and lesser than Christ (Arius, 2016). The next council, that of Constantinople, condemned the heresy of Macedonius, which viewed the Holy Spirit as a power of God and inferior to the Father and Son (Simonetti, 2006, 808). Essentially, both defined the nature of Christ and the Trinity and removed heresies from the church. Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding the nature of Christ did not dissipate but instead lead into the Council of Ephesus. In fact, not only Jesus’ nature but also that of his mother’s was at the forefront of the conflict in this third council. Controversy When Emperor Theodosius II first called the council to order, it was at the request of Nestorius of Constantinople. Its purpose was to resolve a dispute between Cyril of Alexandria and Nestorius about the nature of Mary and whether or not she should be declared Theotokos (Simonetti, 2006, 808). Nestorius opposed the term because “whenever the sacred scriptures speak of Our Lord’s activity, they never speak of the birth and suffering of the divinity, but of the humanity of Christ. That is why the most accurate way of speaking about the Holy Virgin is Christ-bearer, not God-bearer” (Fouad, 2010). He emphasized that Christ had independent divine and human natures going so far as to suggest “that they were two persons loosely united” (Nestorian, 2016). Cyril…

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  • Rise Of Christianity Research Paper

    and a message they believed their messiah had intended. However, in Rome, Christianity was a state religion and still fell to the authority of the emperor, there were a few minor conflicts between clergy and state officials on matters of authority though nothing extreme, that is until the Massacre at Thessalonica. The Massacre at Thessalonica is seen by many in the clergy at the time as the flash point between these sentiments of control over their church the event started with the stoning of…

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  • Roman Government Cycle Essay

    Roman Empire fell because of government corruption, political instability, overexpansion of land, and the harsh treatment of the Visigoths. The first reason Rome was doomed to fail was government corruption. Government is important because it shoes the way citizens live (GLOBE). The rights and liberties it gives it citizens can have drastic effects on the quality of life. Rome’s government contain incompetent officials. For example, in 476 C.E., a new leader named Odovacer forced the entire…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Eastern And Western Religions

    Jewish people were able to endure because they created laws taught the followers how to eat, dress and live among other things. These laws separated them from people who weren’t Jewish which kept them free to develop their religion without influence. Their view of the family structure and the ultimate belief in god kept them faithful to their religion in times of prosecution. The next religion, Christianity, has the same beginnings a Judaism because it started after many Jewish followers…

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  • Kama Sutra

    the human life, and empowers women while showing the socio-political situation of India during the time. The historical setting the Kama Sutra was written in plays a large factor in the content and methods the text uses. The Kama Sutra, like most texts and artifacts from ancient India, does not have a specific date it was written. It is commonly accepted among the scholarly community, however, to have been written between 300 CE and 700 CE, in the 3rd century. During this time, the Gupta dynasty…

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  • Daniel Chapter 4 Summary

    to be one of superficiality and arrogance. This presents itself well in this chapter in seeing the King’s attitude towards God. At this time the King has seen God strongly in through the testimony of Daniel, so much so that he refers to Daniel in this chapter as being filled with the “spirit of the holy ghost.” The King has seen Daniel’s God interpret dreams, and spare Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from certain death. Each time the King is left singing the praises of their God, yet this…

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  • Michael Myers The Monstrosity Of Humans

    Monstrosity, defined as a grossly malformed animal, plant, or person would show the exact wording of the phrase. Understanding the exact term helps us identify Monster. Monsters, usually recognized as an imaginary creature described as typically large, ugly, and frightening, but they differ in classifications such as reanimated monsters, ecological monsters, human monsters, and technological monsters. The truth is, monsters come in different shapes and sizes. In this case we will identify and…

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  • The Influence Of Technology In Ancient Egypt

    Egypt was expanded to Syria, Nubia, and farther south to the Fourth Cataract drastically improving Egyptian influence, lessening its chances of being attacked. Under Thutmose I, Egypt became the first empire to command western Asia. Not only was Egypt expanding and gaining prosperity, but it was also able to attain peace with other countries who did not dare invade. With the open of the New Kingdom and the defeat of the Hyksos, however, came a new array of enemies, one of which was the Hittites.…

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  • Psycho Film Analysis

    Hitchcock’s Psycho, from ‘Inside Norman Bates’ and ‘The World Inside Its Image’ The benchmark of horror films could easily be Hitchcock’s most revered work ‘Psycho’ (1960). The black and white filmscape does not downplay the crimson colour of blood spiralling down the plughole after Marion’s fatal stabbing, nor the shock of Norman’s mothers sunken eye sockets. It’s 2015 and this is the first time I have properly been introduced to the film however as a testament to its making I had nightmares…

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  • Copper Masks

    The essay “Kings, Crowns, and Rights of Succession: Obalufon Arts at Ife and Other Yoruba Centers” by Suzanne Preston Blier argues that Copper mask said to represent Ife king Obalufon II is related to the succession of rulers and that its symbolism comes from Obalufon II’s time as a ruler as well as his deification (386). This article is effective because of its meticulous examination of the history of Obalufon II, Ife history and other works relating to the mask. Blier begins the essay by…

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