Video Games Do Not Cause Violence Essay

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Video Games Do Not Cause Violent Behavior

Over the years there have been several incidents that have stirred up the emotions of people, parents and especially investigators. These incidents include the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting, the Columbine Massacre, and the incident in Colorado where a man went on a shooting spree in an Aurora movie theater. There was one key thing that aroused people’s emotions connected by investigators to all three incidents: video games. This led to the belief that if the parents’ children play violent video games that the child will become violent. Even though people have been led to believe that video games cause people to become cruel and commit violent actions, video games do not cause people to commit acts of violence because they don 't have time to and they do not gain violent behaviors even with the long term effects of video games, there is insufficient research linking video games with violence only aggressive behaviors, and the fact that video games are only a contributing factor of violence.
Video games cannot cause a person to commit acts of violence because the person would have no time to carry out such actions. People who tend to play violent video games
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Even though video games have long term effects on aggression there has been no evidence leading them to be the source of violent actions, though they are a factor that can lead to violence. Then when videogames are mixed with something such as depression from being bullied, something like the Columbine Massacre could happen, but only in extreme situations. With the obsession of the players, the lack of evidence, and the need for videogames to be combined with other factors it is clear that video games do not cause people to act

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