Negative Effects Of Violent Video Games Cause Violence

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Haylee Hancock
English 2010
Professor Gibson
Synthesis Paper

Do Video Games Cause Violence?

Violent behavior in kids and teens has been growing a rate that is a little scary. Since the horrifying shooting at Columbine High School, many people have been interested in the issue of does violent video games cause violent behavior in kids and teens? This arguments has been around since the late 1970’s when Death Race came out. Are video games the reason why the rate of violent behavior in kids and teens going up? There have been many different studies about this issue, but I believe that there is no real correlation between violent video game and violent behavior in kids and teens. In the article, Violent Video Games and Aggression: Causal Relationship or a Byproduct of Family Violence and Intrinsic Violent Video Games, by Christopher Ferguson and his colleagues from Texas A&M University and the University of Wisconsin. This article looks at two different studies that he and his colleagues had conducted on the relationship between violent video games and aggression in kids and
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He gives us a meta-analytic to talk the positive effects of video games that is not often discussed when conducting research. In order to prove his point, he researched to find articles that had publication bias through different publications. He proved that there was little to no relationship between violent behavior and video games. He found that it actually helps kids and teens with their visuospatial cognition. He found that publication bias are a big problem for this subject because it had already had the mindset that video games were bad and dangerous, These results may change the minds of some people when it comes to this

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