Video Game Violence And Violent Video Games

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Does video game violence cause aggressive behavior? No, it doesn’t. Violent video games are those that represent violence as the best or only way to resolve conflict, and they are games that don’t exist in real life. The term “violent video games is defined in the scholarly world. When we define violent video games it has a little meaning, but in the case of violent games, its alternative is a peaceful approach to resolving differences. The government has debated violent video games as normal video games have been around. People under the age of eighteen are prohibited to play violent video games because it is a law in the Supreme Court. Video game violence can be divided into three different categories: whether it involves representations of humans, whether the perspective of the player is first-person, and whether the motivation for violence is clear. Violent video game controversies interfere with the content of video game players and with the culture of violent video games. Research proves that violent video games and aggressive behavior have a close link with each other. In …show more content…
Parents must be aware of the video games’ rating and keep all dangerous games away from children. Outcomes from experiments have made a significant predictive relationship between violent video games and aggression, but nothing has proved to support a long-term relationship between violent video games and aggression. A video game debate must be made, and it should be positive. A debate on violent video games could be made, but unfortunately video games have become more widespread over past decades. Violent video games are an improbable reason why youth violence has decreased. However, this leads to divergence between public fears of violent video games and trends in youth

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