Essay On Crime In The Media

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A generally prevalent way in which information is transmitted to the public is through the use of media outlets. These include; daily news programs, newspapers, and talk back radio shows, providing viewers with significant information. In various ways, violence and crime can be seen and heard nationwide, due to the evolution of these media sources. It is very simple to understand how the media plays a significant role in everyday lives, how it can affect and influence us and how we see and view crime (Feilzer, 2007). However, the media do not accurately present the nature of crime in our society, but generally report the most violent crimes on a daily basis and how these crimes are likely to take place and increase.
Australia-wide research indicates that traditional media (television, print and radio) is the public’s major resource for news and current affairs and it has exploited this by inaccurately presenting the nature of crime to our society (ACMA, 2011). The way crime is depicted in the media ominously fluctuates from what official records and research tell us. It is suggested that the media misrepresents the crime problem nationwide.
‘Crime’ is defined as ‘an action punishable by law’. Crime types are separated into various categories such as offences against the person (violent crime), offences against
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It is evident that both the amount of crime and violence is significantly exaggerated. In addition, the media also render a distorted representation of who are likely to be offenders and victims, creating negative stereotypes within groups in society. Due to media outlets being the primary source of public information on these issues, it is likely that these inaccuracies are accountable for the recognisable misperceptions in society about the level and nature of

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